CV Writing and Cover Letters for Job Seekers in Ghana

CV Writing

Whether you’re applying for a job, a scholarship or to get into your dream university course, CV writing and covering letters are a real art.

Read on to discover useful tips on CV writing and cover letters for all situations.

Read on to find some useful tips that are applicable to CV writing and cover letters for all situations: job applications, university applications, and scholarship applications.

Make sure your covering letter is short and snappy – they will be reading hundreds of them, so if something’s not necessary, don’t include it.

A good cover letter will make the reader want to know more about you. It is, first and foremost, a good piece of writing that tells your story.

Employers want someone who’s different, with distinctive skills. But different doesn’t always mean “quirky”!

Think of the industry you want to work in: if you’re applying to work at a prestigious law firm, a pink CV might not go down well!

Generic CVs don’t work: they need to be tailored to the job you’re applying for.

While 75% of your CV (such as your personal details, education, and work experience) will remain the same, the other 25% (for example: a personal statement, a skills profile, or the more granular details about what you studied for a certain subject) needs to be relevant to that job.

Look at the job description and what the employer is looking for, and match that with your experience.
Give concrete examples.

It’s simple to state you’ve got excellent connection skills, but you want to back it up with evidence.

Did an individual volunteer at a aid line, or work in customer service? Or have you been part of a new debating team? Say that!

Should you be applying for a new place at university, they will want to know: why should you decide to use an individual and why does an individual want to study this specific course?

If you’re asked for an interview, your potential tutors might ask an individual questions about books, motion pictures, or anything else an individual might have mentioned in your current personal statement—thus don’t lie, it is to do your current research!

Of course, that goes without saying: spellcheck your application and help to make sure your grammar is impeccable.

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