Linkedin Profile Tips in Ghana: How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile Tips

Do you know that one of our biggest referral sources is LinkedIn? Our #1 LinkedIn tip is to keep your profile up to date with fresh content and to engage with the right people and communities on LinkedIn. Whether you are a job seeker, business owner, marketer or what ever profession you are into, you will find LinkedIn a very useful platform to improve your brand. For job seekers, LinkedIn is the most important job search platform you will need to get your next job after your conventional CV or resume. Your LinkedIn profile might be the last savior to your call to interview if it is in good shape. With corporate life and employment increasingly going online, learning how to improve your LinkedIn profile is very crucial now. This is the motivation for writing this post. Our objective is to share some useful tricks with you to help you improve your LinkedIn profile and get the online attention you truly deserve. Please consider the following LinkedIn Tips: Tip #1: How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile: Get a good Headshot If you do not have a face on your name yet we wadvisedvice you to add a professional headshot to your linkedin profile header section. First impression is important on linkedIn and it would not be a bad idea to leverage the services of a professional photographer or graphic designer. The advantage of leveraging the services of a graphic designer or LinkedIn expert is that they can customize your profile picture to match your profile background. Please take note that people without a linkedIn profile are often pushed aside. If you do not have one now then it is time to reconsider! How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile; Get a Good LinkedIn profile Objective? Every rational action is backed by intentions. The case of a linkedin profile is not different. Before you open a linkedIn profile you should have a clear objective. This could be to increase sales, increase traffic to your blog, improve your brand recognition, or to get a new job. By identifying a clear linkedIn objective, you will be able to design the profile in a manner that will attract the right leads to you. How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile: Get a Good LinkedIn Title? Your LikedIn profile title should be able to clearly communicate your profile objective mentioned earlier. Your LinkedIn title, together with your profile picture, is very important as they are the most marketed sections of your LinkedIn profile. The best way to craft a good LinkedIn profile title is to identify the specific value you are proposing to your target audience, which should also manifest what you expect from your leads in the format:

What is your job, what do you bring to the table, and what shows

Without communicating a clear objective or value, you stand the risk of getting numerous leads or engagements that will not be of benefit to your LinkedIn presence.

Tip: Check out the profile of Sobia Issahaku Adam on LinkedIn. You would see a practical demonstration of a LinkedIn title and that of a proposed value for targeted leads. You will notice how he has crafted the profile to generate leads for Sobiaonline.

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile:

Get a  Summary Section

The introductory section gives you a rare opportunity to highlight your stellar accomplishments in the best possible manner. If you have been taking note of interviews you have been attending, you will notice that there is always the “” tell me something about yourself”” component. Your LinkedIn profile introduction should be able to serve that purpose without your presence. Aside from highlighting your accomplishments, here are key ingredients you can not miss in your LinkedIn profile introduction:

A summary of your professional life in just one sentence Your core accomplishments over the year. This can be just one that stands out Indicate how the reader can benefit from you in a very clear and concise manner Indicate how you can be contacted with the specific details

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile: Pay Attention to Your Work Experience! In Ghana, most linkedin profiles just list the job titles and that is it. To make your profile stand out, there is a need for you to demonstrate exactly what you did at the various places you have worked before. Here, the presentation should be different from what is in your CV in that the tone should be conversational and brief. If you have received any awards related to achievements, be sure to add it. Other Considerations

  1. Add support media to back up your claims. Images and videos can also go a long way to improve upon your LinkedIn design.
  2. Add skills that reflect your professional profile.
  3. Add an additional profile language to broaden your visibility.
  4. Customize your profile URL to reflect your
  5. Develop an action plan for LinkedIn engagement and activities with key metrics.
  6. Add all relevant details to your education section.

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