Job Search for Me Service

This service is not a conventional recruitment service.


There are three main types of professionals who can assist you in your job search namely Headhunters/Recruiters, CV Writers and Career Coaches. The Job Search for Me Service of Sobiaonline has been upgraded to include CV advice, LinkedIn advice, and Client specific Job Search Coaching. This service was primarily established in 2018 as a recruitment and head-hunting alternative for people who have tight schedules especially employed people who seek a career change, mid-career professionals seeking executive positions or inexperienced job seekers entering the job market. Sobiaonline would step in and then handle all the job search and applications on behalf of the job seeker. This service has been very effective in increasing call to interviews, improving networking and helping tight professionals to job search the right way. Upon our 2020 performance review, we have now included a networking and errands component to this  service.

Special Features of Job Search for Me Bundles.

  • Review of job seeker’s initial application documents.
  • Set up of premium job notifications
  • Minimal revision of application documents for applications
  • Customized email address for a job application where applicable
  • Filling of application forms
  • Customized job search and application blue print and networking guide for 2021.
  • Job submission protocol writing & advise
  • Application details delivered right into clients inbox after Submission
  • Most suitable for Academia, INGO & UN Agencies, Senior Management Positions, and Mid Career Professionals.
  • 100% confidentiality guaranteed for all job  applications.
  • No interview or recruitment guarantee.

Additional information

Additional Information

We are available 24/7 to address your concerns. For any support you need, simply email us: [email protected] or call: 233 245692357. Currently we accept payments via Paypal, MTN merchant account number, and our Corporate Bank Account (Bank of Africa, Abossey Okai Branch). Courier and Print Charges may apply for delivery and offline services.