Job boards in Ghana

Job boards in Ghana

In this article, we wish to highlight how our job board can improve your job search in Ghana. To benefit fully from our services, we advise you to open a free account here.

Free Job search website If you are looking for a job aggregator or job board in Ghana with the latest jobs across all sectors and industries in Ghana, Sobiaonline is your best bet. Job searching and applications are completely free. You can click here to access thousands of jobs across Ghana, including expat job openings

Job Alert We have provided a job alert feature for you which helps you to get real time notifications as soon as jobs are posted. All you need to do to set up a job alert is open a free account with us, click on the alert tab in your dashboard, and set up your job alert.

Push Notification When you visit any of our web pages, you will see a pop-up requesting you to accept receiving notifications. Once you subscribe to these notifications, you will always be alerted when new jobs and career articles are posted.

The advantage of using push notifications is that it takes less than 30 seconds to set up and you will also receive notifications in your browser even when you are not on our website.

Email newsletter.  Our email news letter platform is the oldest notification system we have been using. We use our newsletter to provide special career information and special offers on our services.

Job Seeker Profile and CV Advertisment

We have provided a free platform for job seekers to create stunning career portfolios and advertise your CVs. Employers have started using this feature, and we are hoping you will soon create a profile and advertise your skill sets on our platform for free.

At the moment, you can create multiple versions of your profile to suit different portfolios of interest to you.

For instance, if you are an intermediate administrative professional interested in customer service, administrative assistant, or receptionist jobs, you can create profiles for each. Please take advantage of this service whilst it is still free. You can start the process by registering for a free account here

Chat Platforms

We have provided WhatsApp platforms which always enables us to connect to our clients in real time. On mobile devices, we have a whatsapp chat platform and the chat button is visible on all our pages. For desktop and laptop users, we have provided a separate chat platform  and you will see the button displayed on all pages as well. So next time you want to get in touch, it is as simple as just clicking a button and you are with us! Should you want to send us an email, you will see our email address on all our web pages.

Premium Services

Our principal activities are CV design and  job search Assistance. You can find out more about how we can help in your search efforts with our paid employment search services by clicking here Please take note that Sobiaonline is not a recruitment agency. We provide employment search services and you will see all our offers via this link. We also generate some income when you visit our website or click on advertisements displayed on it.

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