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The first step to creating your CV or Resume is knowing the difference between the two. In this write-up, I will use CV and resume interchangeably although the two are not quite the same. Check our career advice page for further clarification on the difference between the two.

Secondly, it is imperative for candidates to know before hand, the type of CV to use based on the nature of the job and other considerations such as skill level and experience. There are three main types of CV namely chronological, functional, and hybrid.

With chronological CV, in-depth account is made of the candidates employment history and results. It ensures that recruiters are able to review your work history and achievements at a glance, making it a perfect choice for job seekers with long and stable work history.

Functional CV on the other hand, highlights job seekers qualifications and skills sets over all other considerations. As a result of this, functional CV is very well suited for people who are amenable to changing their career frequently, people who have career gaps in their employment history, and entry level applicants who have little to no experience to offer. 

Hybrid resumes combines elements of functional and chronological resumes. It works best for candidates with significant work experience and demanding job requirements. 

The fourth step is to summarize all your details such as education, work experience, achievements, skills sets, contact address among others. Be sure to read the job description of the company and match your profile to the job description. 

Having been able to determine whether you will be using a resume and also the type you should use, and the content, the fourth consideration is how you will optimize your CV to meet the demands of both Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and humans. 

ATS is now used to screen job applications today due to the large numbers of applications been received by employers and recruiters today. Applicant tracking systems find it difficult to read tables and symbols and hence you need to minimize these as much as possible or contact a design expert.

Please note that in Ghana, most agencies use hard copies of CV during initial shortlisting and interviews. Before submitting an electronic CV therefore, try printing out a hard copy version so as to be sure of how the formatting and design is on a hard copy. 

You might also be interested in using a responsive template that has already been formatted by CV design professionals. A good number of templates is provided on this page and they are all freely downloadable in Microsoft Office Word format.

With these templates you cab easily streamline your resume creation process, take care of all formatting details such as fonts, margins among others. If you need a template for a particular niche or industry feel free to call or whats App us on +233 242782389 or Email us on

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