Career Advice: How to Apply for a UN Job the Right Way

Career Tips: How to Apply for a UN Job the Right Way

How to Apply for a UN Job

We have decided to write this post in response to job seekers request for advice on how to apply for UN jobs the right way on daily basis. We have provided some suggestions for you to get started with. Meanwhile you can access all official UN related career information via this link

All legitimate job openings of the United Nations are published at the United Nations Job Application portal. The first advice regarding how to apply for a UN job the right way is the need to apply at the right source which is the link above.

The UN Application system is a comprehensive recruitment system which helps you to present a detailed CV comprising of your personal details, education, work experience and related information in the best possible way.

In applying for a job at the UN, you would have to demonstrate that you are the right fit for the job by providing very specific information on each of the areas mentioned above. It is also important to take note of the following:

Make Sure You Are the Right Fit for the Job

Please make sure you meet the requirements of the job before you even start your application. Meeting the requirements may not just be enough but you should like the job in question. This is the best way you would be motivated to present an outstanding application.

Make Your CV Simple and Easy to Read

After your fill in your information in the job portal, there is an option for you to attach your CV. Always spend some time offline and customize your CV to meet the requirements of the job before starting the application. This achieves the purpose of helping you to address the application questions in the system in the best possible way. Secondly, presenting a well written CV will make it easier for both humans and bots to read. To make your CV is easy o read you can observe the following:

  1. Avoid tables graphs and images as much as possible
  2. Make use of short and simple sentences
  3. Highlight your key accomplishments as much as possible
  4. Divide your CV into clear subsections. For example Personal Details, Education, Work Experience and Skills

Complement Your CV with a Customized Cover Letter

You will need a cover letter which will serve as your introduction. The good thing about cover letters is that you can bend it to your liking relative to your CV.

You would have to demonstrate how you are the right fit for the job in a very innovative, smart and convincing manner such that it will entice and provoke every reader to take a further look at your CV. Your letter should not be more than one page. It should be concise and kept within the limits of four paragraphs

Always remember that your cover letter is an important tool to help you highlight things you cannot capture in your CV. For instance, if the job opening highlight preference for Ghanaian candidates, then, highlighting your extensive working experience in Ghana would not be a bad idea.

Make Good Use of Your Work Experience

Every UN agency would want to know what you have accomplished in the past to have an idea of what you can do for them. Without adding an atom of false information, include all your past experiences that are important to help you succeed based on the nature of the job. You can reserve the other experiences that are not necessary for other future applications where it will be needed.

Update Your Profile to Reflect Every Job Application

Just like your CV and letter, your profile information should be updated before every job application. This will ensure that your personal information and the documents you present will be in harmony.

Demonstrate Your Team Building Competencies

The UN system values team building capabilities. Do not shy away from presenting all accomplishments you have attained as a team. This will go a long way to demonstrate how you are a good mixer and good team player.

Pay Attention to Your Contact Details

The direct objective of every job application is a call to interview. If you provide the wrong or unreliable contact details it will defeat this purpose. You would be notified of your successful application once you are through with the application via email. Always make sure that you provide the right email address. By reliable email address we mean an email address in which you can easily be reached without much difficulty. Ensure that your email address you are given out is opened frequently. This days you can use your mobile phone to be receiving instant email alerts.

It is also advisable to provide references who have dealings with you in the past. Your references should be able to justify your work experience and education. We also advice that:

Keep your referees posted on all your job applications by serving them copies of your job applications. This will help them to take you more serious and equip them with ample information to provide your prospective employer a compelling recommendation that can enhance your prospects.

We reason with Barbara that “your application is your passport to a career with the United Nations” and that is why you need to give your next UN job application the attention it deserves.

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