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What is new about Sobiaonline – Jobs, CVs, Funding, Leads & More

Whats new on Sobiaonline?

For the 2019 season we have added dozens of enhancement to our products and services. We have added new features to further enhance your user experience on our website and services. These are some new things we have brought on board:

1. We have now fully tested our email services which is currently live. We hate spam much as stale job alerts and non trendy feeds. This is why we have taken the time to get you the best email platform to keep you updated on what matters most to you. You can access our form here:

2. You know how it can be difficult and frustrating getting funding information in Ghana. We have provided the right platform now where you can access latest updates on funding opportunities for businesses, NGOs, individuals, research institutions, event pitches, Tech funds, fellowships and more. Access it here:…/funding-opportunities-in-ghana-2…/

3. To further enhance how users interact with our jobs we have now added new features. For instance you now get specific job matches when you finish reading any job posting. We also provided relevant jobs based on the categories you select. Access our new portal here:

4. We have updated our home page! Now, all what you need to do when you land on our home page is search for what you are looking for. We simply want you to own the site! and use it to your liking! For instance if you need accounting jobs just search for that. If you need career advise, funding etc just search for that. If you need anything just specify what you seek. See how we have complemented design with simplicity and what works here: 

5. We have provided a discount as a token of appreciation for all new subscribers. In other not to spam you we are advising all existing subscribers to re-confirm their subscription so that your email will not end up in your spam folder.

Stay updated on sobiaonline. We are looking forward to making your job search a success in 2019.


Sobiaonline Team

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