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Technoserve Monetisation Request for Proposals in West Africa

Posted by | 19/03/2019 | Funding Opportunities in Ghana 2020

Job Description

Subject to donor approval of a TNS proposal under development, TNS seeks to monetize the equivalent of up to $30 million in donated commodity (volumes and type TBD) in both East Africa and West Africa, in order to fund economic development programs for smallholder farmers in each region respectively.

Potential countries in the target regions may include but are not exclusive to Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana and Burkina Faso in West Africa and Ethiopia in East Africa.

TNS seeks a monetization strategy ‐ for inclusion in its own donor proposal – that generates the highest possible proceeds while minimizing the impact of monetizing the commodity/ies on domestic markets and optimizing the use of a limited freight budget over the expected life of the program, approximately five years.

Should TechnoServe’s proposal be selected for a donor award, the selected consultant under this RFP will be awarded the entirety of the following scope of work, including execution of the monetization strategy.


Deliverable 1: Market Analysis and Development of a Monetization Plan Monetization consultant will conduct a commodity market analysis of the target countries, propose a monetization strategy and approach (e.g. selection of commodities, destination markets, timing, etc.) and prepare relevant monetization sections of TNS’s donor proposal.

The monetization plan should endeavor to maximize the proceeds generated by the monetization and optimize the available freight budget.

The plan will be presented to TNS for approval prior to submission of TNS’ own proposal and will include: proposed sales methodology; proposed timing of commodity shipments; identification of potential buyers of monetization commodities; applicable import requirements and identification of any potential risks regarding import of commodity; a contingency plan in the event that programmed tonnages cannot be sold as planned.

Specifically, the plan will include the following sections: Basic Information: Commodity, Package Size/Type (from provided list), Commodity Usage Type (from provided list), Quantity MT, Destination Country, Delivery to U.S. Port Date (month/year), Estimated Sales Price Per MT ($): Estimated Proceeds ($).

Transportation and Storage/Processing or Packaging/Duty‐Free Entry/Economic Impact/Impact on Other Sales/Private Sector Participation in Sales of Commodity/Assuring Receipt Procedures.

Deliverable 2: Sales Agency and Execution of the Monetization Plan Monetization consultant will act as TNS’ agent and be responsible for the sale of the commodity and provide the following services: update the initial monetization plan to reflect input from the donor and TNS and any changes in the proposed markets, prepare tender documentation, advertise sale if using public tender methodology, review and summarize bids, recommend buyer, negotiate and prepare sales contracts, work with financial institutions to secure payments, prepare call forward for commodities, coordinate logistics and documentation with TNS‐appointed freight forwarder, oversee timely receipt of payment.

The sale of the commodities must comply with USDA regulations 7 CFR 1499

Instructions: Questions regarding this request may be addressed to, and must be received no later than March 18, 2019. Responses to questions will be appended to this RFP – and the RFP link on TechnoServe’s web site refreshed – no later than March 21, 2019.

Responses to the RFP should be addressed to the attention of no later than 5 pm EST April 5, 2019.

About the Organization

TechnoServe works with enterprising people in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses, and industries. We are a nonprofit organization that develops business solutions to poverty by linking people to information, capital and markets.

Our work is rooted in the idea that given the opportunity, hardworking men and women in even the poorest places can generate income, jobs and wealth for their families and communities. With five decades of proven results, we believe in the power of private enterprise to transform lives.

More information

TNS Monetization RFP 2019_final.pdf

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