About Sobiaonline: Our story, objectives, contact & services

The Story of Sobiaonline Have you ever wondered if your job search could be made much easier and stress-free? Do you know that studies have attributed a lack of interview calls and an inability to get a job in the formal sector to poor preparation of candidates? Sobiaonline can support you in adequately preparing for your next job search project and provide you with the keys to your next job. We are Sobiaonline. Our principal activity is CV design. Since 2017, Sobiaonline has nurtured and honed a high-performing job search alternative to conventional recruitment services that has a completely personal...

7 Smart Tips on How to apply for a UN Job

How to Apply for a UN Job in Ghana We have decided to write this post in response to job seekers' requests for advice on ''how to apply for a UN Job in Ghana'' on a daily basis. We have provided some suggestions for you to get started with. Meanwhile, you can access all official UN-related how to guide via this link All legitimate job openings at the United Nations are published at the United Nations Job Application portal. The first piece of advice regarding how to apply for a UN job the right way is the need to apply...

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