#1 Interview tips to help You get your next job

These interview tips on how to ace your next interview were motivated by a discussion we had with a job seeker earlier via Sobiaonline The article was updated on August 27, 2022 to reflect current trends. If you need help with interview questions, consider any of our job search subscription packages. This is the conversation I had with a job seeker via our support platform. From Issahaku – Welcome to Saobiaonline, At what stage are you in your job search ?Response from job seeker: hahahaha... So far 3 interviews non was positive. its not a nice feeling at all From...

Effective ways of dealing with references in your job search in Ghana

References Referees and references will always be needed to vouch for you, whether you are searching for a job, furthering your education, growing your business or dealing with related career issues. In all these scenarios, the recommendations that you receive from your referees can significantly influence your career success. In this post, we are going to focus on how you can handle referees and references in your job search and as well, how to present references in your CV in the best possible way. If you are a beginner, the usage of referees and references might appear confusing. Your reference...

How to identify what recruiters expect from you

What Recruiters Want Whether you're looking for a graduate position, or planning on going straight into work, employer surveys continue to emphasise the need to have good key skills, transferable skills, the ability to network, and above all, the right attitude. Identifying your skills can really help you focus on which jobs might be good for you. What skills are employers looking for in Me? When it comes to recruiting graduates, attitudes and aptitudes are often seen as more important than formal qualifications. Although technical and basic abilities are required to see through the initial application phase, other aspects such...

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