Step Up! Global Grants Programme Invites Startups to Apply

The Step Up! Global Grants Programme, provided by AstraZeneca’s Young Health Programme, empowers small, youth-focused non-profit organisations to make change happen by enabling them to increase their impact and operate at a greater scale.

Over the last three years, Step Up! has provided over $400,000 in grants to support organisations to develop and deliver effective health promotion programmes – with an emphasis on under-resourced communities in low- and middle-income countries.

Climate change and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are two defining challenges of the 21st century, each posing significant threats to health and sustainable development. Innovation is needed in order to face up to the climate and health challenges facing young people today.

This year, we are looking to support projects which promote environmental sustainability while at the same time reducing NCD risk factors among young people.
Step Up! Astrazeneca grant
Grants available
Grants of up to US $10,000 will be awarded to support the delivery of approximately 20 projects

Can provide evidence at the conclusion of the project of what has been delivered, as well as outcomes and what has been learned

Are managed by non-profits with an annual income of US$1 million or less

Can be completed within a 12 month period, not starting before February 2022.

In addition to the funding, Step Up! grantees will be invited to join AstraZeneca’s Young Health Programme (YHP) Alumni Group. This offers learning and development opportunities, as well as networking between StepUp! grantees and young leaders who have received YHP Scholarships.

In the past, Alumni Members have been offered mini-MBA programmes, opportunities to share their work with global audiences, and masterclasses on fundraising and digital skills to build effective health-promotion programmes.
Who can apply
The fund is open to registered charitable organisations with strong experience of delivering effective projects which make health and environmental improvements in young people’s lives.

Organisations must be ‘funding-ready’ and able to provide appropriate documentation (in English) to verify their organisation’s charitable status and financial situation.

We will support organisations from under-resourced communities worldwide. These are likely to be in low-income or lower-middle income countries or settings.

Organisations which have been funded previously by AstraZeneca are welcome to apply, but not for the same project that was previously supported.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to support every organisation that applies and we will choose those projects which most closely fulfill the priorities listed below.

Step Up! Priorities
Step Up! always receives a high number of applications and we are unable to support all eligible organisations which apply. In selecting applications, we will prioritise a project if it:

Addresses nutrition
Utilises technology or digital health solutions in an inclusive way
Is innovative: delivering something different from which we can learn (an existing approach in a new setting linked to a particular need, or a totally new approach)
Is youth-led (ie primarily youth managed/designed)
Involves young people as advocates for change in their communities
Is run by an organisation with an income and capacity to deliver a grant of this size
Is from an organisation which has not yet been supported by a StepUp! grant
Operates in a low or lower-middle income country or setting
We will select projects at a range of different innovation stages.

See FAQs for further details.

Organisations that
are not registered as charitable
were established and registered after 1 January 2019
discriminate or primarily promote political or religious viewpoints to their beneficiaries
use the funds to make grants or donations to other organisations or individuals
are unable to supply appropriate documents including charitable registration, governance and financial documents and personal details of trustees/directors

Projects that
are already funded through the Young Health Programme or StepUp!
provide treatment, medical advice or pay for medicine
benefit AstraZeneca’s commercial business
last more than 12 months
have already taken place or are planned to start before February 2022
Grant requests for over US $10,000


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