Available Scholarship Opportunities for UDS 2021

Scholarship Opportunities for UDS 2021

Are you interested in pursuing your academic career with the University for Development Studies (UDS) in Ghana this 2020? You can have a look at the scholarship providers below to start your funding search adventure!

Current scholarship providers for the University include:

  1. Mathematics Science and Technology Scholarship Scheme (MASTESS)
  2. Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC)
  3. Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust for Ghana (Test for Ghana)
  4. Barclays Tertiary Education Fund
  5. Cal Bank Scholarship Scheme
  6. Standard Chartered Kenneth Dadzie Memorial Trust Fund
  7. Standard Chartered Science Education Trust Fund
  8. Educational Pathway International (EPI) (Managed by Directorate of International Relations and Advancement-DIRA)

Happy seaching!

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