RISE Sundara Grants for Female Entrepreneurs and NGOs in WASH

Grants for Female Entrepreneurs

Through RISE – Sundara Grants  newest and most ambitious initiative to date we will be Rewarding Innovative and Sustainable Entrepreneurs.

Our goal with RISE is to make a global impact through providing seed-funding and mentorship to female entrepreneurs across the globe living in low to middle income countries.

This new, ambitious phase of our work focuses on elevating women to become thought leaders and change-makers in their very own community.

With RISE, entrepreneurs already have unique and powerful ideas on how to resolve water, sanitation, or hygiene problems in their very own community – yet lack the resources to make this possible.

 Sundara Fund helps to provide both mentorship and financial support to these entrepreneurs to make a lasting impact in the community.


We believe in offering a hand-up, rather than a hand out. RISE offers up to $5,000 per entrepreneur to contribute sustainably to their community in the water, sanitation or hygiene sector. These funds give early-stage entrepreneurs the initial financial support to develop their business plan into a well-researched, income-generating project.


Over and above seed funding, RISE offers regular guidance and communication on everything from how to best develop a business plan to perfecting a ‘pitch.’ No two projects or businesses are alike – and that’s why we provide tailored, specific advice based on the individual needs of each fellow


We tap into our extensive network of professionals to connect you with experts relative to your field. From business consultants, to PR professionals, to similar organizations working in your sector, we work to connect you to world class talent.


Female entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 to 50 living in low to middle income countries with a unique idea on how to improve local water, sanitation or hygiene problems in their own community

Grassroots nonprofits led by females or benefitting females with annual budgets under $50,000 USD

The idea will be fully developed or the project will be in its infancy

Applicant will be able to clearly explain the problem, with a concise explanation of the solution to be implemented

Applicant will be able to develop a business plan as well as a budget timeline

Applicant will be able to submit an itemized budget detailing how they plan to allocate funds received


As an entrepreneur, your hands are full – really full. That’s why we created a funding application that’s simple and allows you to devote time where it’s truly needed – on the ground, in your community, and behind the drawing board working to perfect your ideas.


Applicants submit their initial funding proposal through our online portal found below under ‘Apply for funding.’ Only applicants who are in consideration for funding will be contacted.

All applicants who successfully make it through to the second round of the application process will be required to submit a business plan and budget timeline. Our team provides guidance and templates for you to follow.

During the third and final stage of the application process, selected applicants have the chance to pitch their project to our Board of Directors over a video conference.

Applicants who successfully make it through steps 1 to 3 are officially invited to become a part of RISE’s mentoring and seed funding social innovation


Please note that there are several countries which can not accept money from the US – if your country is on either of these lists, we unfortunately can not work with you at this time. If you have any questions regarding the application, please email info@sundarafund.org and our team will be in touch with you. While we greatly appreciate the effort of all applicants, due to the high volume of applications we are receiving, we will only contact applicants on the short list.


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