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Looking for National Partner Organizations for a Mixed Method Evaluation of Reproductive Health and Rights of Women and Adolescents Projects at 

One of the global INGOs has floated a request for proposal for conducting an end evaluation of a multiple country project in the field of sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Along with SRHR, the project is also addressing adolescent and women components.

The evaluation is anticipated to use mixed method approach (a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods). It is also anticipated that the evaluation will need to have a systematic review of available relevant literature.

For the quantitative survey the sample size of primary target group in each country will be fairly large. In addition, wide variety of qualitative data collection and analysis techniques is envisioned to be applied in the evaluation.

An international institution will act as the prime bidder for the proposed evaluation. The national partners at this are expected to assist the prime bidder in perpetration of technical and financial proposal by providing necessary information earliest.

The national partners should have at least five years experience of conducting endline surveys or evaluation using both quantitative and qualitative methods (including report preparation). Experience of ODK or any other software for conducting mobile/tablet base data collection is essential. Partners in Haiti and Senegal are supposed to be proficient in both French and English.

Each of the national partners should have experience of simultaneously involving at least 30 enumerators for quantitative data collection and 12 field investigators/researchers for qualitative data collection.

If the bid is accepted and the prime bidder is assigned to conduct the global evaluation, all national partners will assist the prime bidder (partner) to conduct the evaluation. Each of the national partners is expected will assist the lead partner in preparing relevant (individual country specific) questionnaires and tools/guidelines for the evaluation.

Recruit necessary field staff and supervisors, provide them necessary training along with logistical support.

Each of the national partners are expected to deliver high quality cleaned data set in SPSS for quantitative data, and transcripts to the prime bidder (partner).

How to apply:

All eligible interested organizations/institutions/firms are requested to send their expression of interest with capacity statement information on previous three assignments along with references to Avijit Poddar, Director Research, Human Development Research Centre (HDRC) at .

Expression of interests should reach the above address before 8 August 2019. Expression of interests will be evaluated first cum first basis.

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