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Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) is a faith-based International Development Organization based in Canada and operating since 1953.



MEDA is currently implementing a six-year (2015- 2021) Farmers’ Economic Advancement Through Seedlings or FEATS Project in Ghana with funding from Global Affairs Canada (GAC) for improving the productivity, profitability, and well-being of tree crop farmers by facilitating access to high-quality planting materials.

The FEATS Project aims to improve the economic well- being of farmers in export-linked tree crops industries and plans to facilitate the development of viable and sustainable commercial supply chains and markets for high-quality tree seedlings.

The Project is targeted at 100,000 male and female farmers, 35 small enterprises and their employees including 25 tree-sector farmers and industry associations.

The project aims to facilitate the distribution of 21 million quality tree seedlings, primarily of Cocoa, Cashew, Rubber, and Shea over its six (6) year tenure.

To learn more about MEDA and our work, please visit www.meda.org 

  1. One of the FEATS project’s core areas of work is to support Small Scale Cashew nurseries to produce quality seedlings for sale to farmers. 
  2. MEDA has identified a Cashew Nursery Operator (SME) located at Dwenem, 15 minutes drive north of Drobo in Jaman South District of the Bono Region. Under the Matching Grant Agreement, MEDA is funding improved nursery infrastructure including the provision of a solar-powered 2 horsepower water supply pump system. MEDA is therefore under this Request for Quotation seeking the services of a supplier to provide a complete Solar Powered system to supply water to the Cashew nursery.

The Scope of Services

The Supplier shall supply and install an independent (standalone) solar-powered system complete with the following minimum components and services:

  • an array of Solar Panels sufficient to power a 2-horse powered pump
  • Isolated solar array mounting rack.
  • Backup Batteries sufficient to provide a minimum of 3 hours of service
  • Solar inverter with sufficient capacity
  • Complete cabling and switches
  • Installation and testing of the system
  • Operation and maintenance training and
  • Back up services

How To Apply


  1. The interested Supplier shall submit by the submission date a Quotation for supply and installation. A quotation shall be valid for 2 months period.
  2. The Supplier shall also provide 3 references of similar works completed in Ghana.

Please submit your Quotation through email featsprocurements@meda.org by Monday, November 18, 2019, at 3 pm addressed to the Country Director, MEDA-FEATS Project, Accra.

Expected Completion Date

The successful Supplier shall complete supply and installation within a week. Installation is expected to be completed by Friday, 20th December 2019.

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