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Company Profile

Total Family Health Organisation (TFHO) is a Ghanaian nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women, men and young people live healthier lives.

As a social enterprise, TFHO works to ensure access to high quality health products for Ghanaians nationwide through socially marketed health commodities and behavior change activities.

Job Description

Facilities should not be limited:

  • Space size: Approximately 300sqm2
  • Occupants: Approximately 25-30 people
  • Must have space for at least 2 conference rooms (one that can sit at least 30 and the other 10), Reception area, Kitchen, Storage area, washrooms (4) , ACs installed, network, telephone system, good electrical system, internet Connection, water tank, standby generator available.
  • Property should be easily accessible. Easy to locate and has public transport system that is not complicated.
  • Parking space should be big enough to accommodate about 7 official vehicles in the compound.
  • Internal and external parking should take about 20 vehicles.
  • The location should be safe, and the property should have security features such as a gate and adequate outdoor lightening, guard post with the requisite facilities available to the guards
  • Should have two possible exits (i.e. front and back)
  • Exterior doors and windows that can be locked from the inside.
  • The yard or compound should have a fence or wall which is kept free from overhanging branches or thick bushes.
  • Should be free from risk such as fire and flood
  • Preferred Location: Dzowulu, Abelenkpe, East Legon, Tesano, East Cantonment


Required Skills or Experience


Validity of Quotation- 5 pts Minimum 45 days 
Payment Terms- 5 pts Kindly indicate your payment terms (Term of rent is for two years but payable yearly
Location- 10 pts As per proposed location above
Reasonable Price-10pts                                                Indicate total price, with separate line for VAT and other taxes
Business Registration- 5 pts  Submit copy of valid business registration certificates (Certificate to Commence Business, Business Registration)
Company Profile- 5pts Please provide a profile of your Company- a pager
References 10 pts Submit three clients references (Name of Company, Contact Person and contact number


How To Apply

  • The Vendor/Estate Owners shall have a fully operational and servicing office located in Ghana and be immediately accessible to TFHO staff through telephone and/or email for any services after sales.
  • For any clarification call Andrew on 0556592619 or 0302-766990
  • Deadline to receive quotes: August 9,2019.
  • Quotations should be sent to: with subject title RFQ- Renting of office space
  • Prospective vendors will not be reimbursed for any costs incurred in connection with the preparation and submission of quotation.
  • NB: Quotations should be addressed to: USAID/SIFPO2
  • Note that TFHO is implementing in Ghana projects funded by USAID and is VAT/NHIL exempted.
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