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Consultancy: Provision of Business Development Services (BDS) for SMEs beneficiaries of WAGES Project

Company Profile

World University Service of Canada (WUSC) is a Canadian non-profit organization with a mission to foster human development and global understanding through education and training. We are a network of professionals, students, volunteers, faculty, and community leaders who, together, provide opportunities to some of the world’s most disadvantaged youth.

Our programs and services improve access to and quality of education, expand employment opportunities and foster empowerment for youth. We work with and through our southern partners – government, civil society and the private sector

Job Description

  • Consultancy: Provision of Business Development Services (BDS) for SMEs beneficiaries of  WAGES Project
  • Position Location:   Prestea Huni-Valley Municipality and Wassa East District 
  • Reports to: Economic Development Specialist , WUSC Ghana
  • Contract term: 39 days 
  • Application deadline: 28th  June, 2019
  • Start date:   10th July, 2019
  • End date: 28th February, 2020


World University Services of Canada (WUSC) recently contracted an independent consultant to carry out a study aimed at identifying best practices and mechanisms in the field of entrepreneurship development and access to finance in the context of Prestea-Huni Valley Municipality and Wassa East District of the Western Region of Ghana.
The study revealed that Entrepreneurs in the intervention area are in need of several business development services for the growth and development of their enterprises. However, access to BDS services was found to be poor across all categories of business development services considered in the study. On average, only 10.0% of entrepreneurs can access BDS in the intervention area.
Averagely, only 5.7% of women, 6.7% of young men and 8.4% of young women can access business development services. Young men have the least access to services under market access with only 1.3% of young men currently accessing services under access compared to 2.7% for women and 15.0% for young women.
About 98.6% of young women can access market research whereas none of the women and young men are able access market research. Also only 4.5% of women, 3.6% of young men, and 2.9% of young women can access advertising services in the intervention area.
Another key challenge to accessing BDS in the intervention area is lack of access to finance. Most of the business development services are not offered free of charge. These entrepreneurs cannot bear charges associated with BDS services because of the lack of access to finance. In fact, the analyses revealed that lack of access to finance is the biggest obstacle to MSMEs in the intervention area. 
The study found out that most businesses in the WAGES project areas are not formalised and so make it difficult, if not impossible for them to access finance. In an effort at enhancing the capacities of SMEs in the WAGES project intervention areas to access finance, WUSC seeks to engage a BDS provider to work with selected Business Associations to formalise and also have business plans.
Objective of the Assignment:
  • The main objective of this assignment is to build the capacity of and provide coaching to 15 existing SMEs (businesses associations and cooperatives) to leverage market opportunities and build a conducive environment for women and youth employment. 
Scope of Work:
The WAGES team will require the Service Provider (SP) to provide Business Development Services (BDS) for 15 Women and Youth SME associations in the WAGES Project intervention areas. Thus, the SP will perform the following specific services:
  • Educate business associations and their members to appreciate the need to formalize their business operations and identify challenges facing women and youth in the formalization process
  • Educate members of SME associations on the legal forms of businesses in Ghana and business registration procedures
  • Facilitate registration of Business Associations and their members with relevant Government agencies (GRA,M/DA, RGD)
  • Provide Tax education mainstreaming GEYI for women and youth Business Associations and their members through the M/DA
  • Create a platform of engagement between members of Business Associations and staff of relevant Government agencies eg. Registrar General’s Department, Ghana Revenue Authority etc to exchange lessons and ideas to foster formalization of Business Associations.
  • Train members of SME association on business planning and growth strategies ensuring GEYI and incorporating the challenges women and youth face in taking up leadership positions within business associations
  • Provide Technical Assistance for Business Associations to develop and implement business plans.
  • Strengthen capacity of SME associations through GEYI sensitive training in advocacy, lobbying, networking, leadership and financial management.
  • Coach and mentor SMEs to identify advocacy issues, specifically those facing women and youth, develop advocacy plans which integrates GEYI and implement them to ensure favorable business environment.
  • Facilitate linkages between women and youth business and investors interested women and youth owned business.
  • Train members of SME associations in business records keeping, costing and pricing strategies, marketing strategies and budgeting
  • Follow-up, coach and mentor SMEs to formalize business operations
Key Activities:
The assignment should cover, amongst others, the following activities: 
  • Conduct initial field meetings with Business Associations and its members to obtain firsthand information and understanding of their operations 
  • Organize business formalization education sessions identifying and addressing any challenges women and youth face in the formalisation process.
  • Provide Technical Assistance for Business Associations to develop and implement investment worthy business plans.
  • Build capacity of women and youth businesses to develop tailored investment pitches interested in women and youth businesses.
  • Identify  and facilitate linkages between women and youth businesses and potential investors/social impact investors interested in supporting women and youth businesses and linkages to bigger markets/clients. 
  • Identify and address issues that affect youth and women in leadership  positions/aspirations
  • Develop and share project progress report to WUSC Team
  • Detailed proposal with work plan developed and submitted
  • 50% of members of the associations with business registered (formalized) out of which 50% of the business should be women-owned businesses.
  • Simple easy to use Gender and Youth Inclusion (GEYI) sensitive Business plan templates/formats
  • Education sessions report with pictures and signed attendance list
  • Copies of bankable business plans
  • Business linkages to investors and bigger markets for 50% of the associations

How To Apply

Interested consultants should submit an application detailing their capacity, experience and approach to the assignment and a CV and indication of fees. Please mention ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST, WAGE PROJECT, GHANA in the email subject line.

  • We welcome and encourage applications from people with disabilities.
  • Only successful applications will be  contacted. 
  • No telephone calls please.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Please make sure you provide all requested materials 

WUSC is an equal opportunity employer. 

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