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Executive Job Search Service for 3 jobs


Executive Job Search Service for 3 jobs



This service is designed to meet the needs of people who have tight schedules especially employed people who seek career change. Our job search and application services covers all the job search needs of our job seekers in a comprehensive manner. This package covers the following:

  1. job search Service
  2. CV Upgrade Service
  3. Cover Letter Upgrade Service
  4. Candidate Online Profile Design/Upgrade
  5. Customized Email Address for Job Application
  6. Filling of Application Forms
  7. Direct Job Submission on behalf of clients
  8. Application Details Delivered Right into Clients inbox after Submission
  9. Most suitable for Academia, INGO & UN Agencies, Senior Management Positions, and Mid Career Professionals.
  10. 100% confidentiality guaranteed for all jobs applied for.
  11. Triple your chances of being called to interview

Additional information

3 jobs

This service supports 3 jobs monthly subscription. Note that courier and print charges may apply if you opt for delivery services or job application offline

Application documents supported

This service supports the following application documents: CVs, resumes, cover letters

Offline Services

For offline job application services, express courier charges may apply.


We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are always available to address your concerns should you have issues with any of our services 24/7. Given the nature of our services, we do not generally accept credit on a purchase. We work closely with our customers which always guarantees a 100 percent customer satisfaction. Sobiaonline is always available 24/7 to address your concerns. For any support you need, simply email our customer service or call 233 242782389 (WhatsApp). Currently we accept only payments via MTN mobile money and offline payments at our office location (Mamprobi, Banana Inn). Please note that each of our services comes with special packages which may attract additional charges such as printing and courier delivery services. Therefore, we assume that by placing an order you have read and consent to the service description on this store and consent to it.

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