Post Jobs For Free In Ghana 2019-2020 Post Jobs For Free In Ghana 2019-2020

Post Jobs for free in Ghana 2019-2020

Choose the suitable job Package for your business


Your job post is subjected to the time lines stated above. Your package expires one year after the purchase and upon closure of your employer account.

Starter, Premium and Executive are the names given to our three job posting models. The differentiating factor is the number of job postings, number of jobs and featured jobs and the duration. Please examine this carefully before choosing a -package

After you purchase any package you are entitled to post up to the prescribed number of jobs covered under the package. For the premium and Starter packages if you did not exhaust your total number of jobs posted than it automatically rolls over to the next month until 12 months period.

To post a job kindly click on the submit job button above. It will open a form for you to login and submit your job. If you are an old user you can just log into your employer account

Sobiaonline gives you a very simple employer dashboard which you could easily use to advertise jobs, shortlist candidates and manage your listings. Secondly, our jobs are always visible on google first pages and google jobs platform which makes you get the best quality candidates in no time. Thirdly all your jobs which are featured gives it maximum exposure to job seekers. We also share all or jobs on popular social media sites and 10 other job boards. In short we get you the best candidates compared to others. We provide 24/7 client services to meet all our clients needs and that includes you!


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