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List of Admin, Accounting, Auditing & Finance Jobs in March 2019

Below find a list of List of Admin, Accounting, Auditing & Finance Jobs in March 2019 in Ghana this March 2019 some will be expiring in April. It is always recommended to strike whilst the iron is still hot. Apply early to avoid surprises. 

To apply for any job opening kindly click on the job title and then apply on the company website. Please take note that  Sobiaonline is  not responsible for accepting these applications. We have provided relevant affiliate links to partner sites where you should role out your application. See our privacy policy for details. If you wish to find out how Sobiaonline can help kindly click here.

The latest jobs in this category for March include:

Accounting & Admin Jobs in Ghana, March 2019:

  1. Latest Accounting Job Opening in Accra
  2. Accounting Jobs in Ghana, March 2019
  3. Current Account Officer Jobs in Ghana 2019
  4. Commercial Manager 
  5. Branch Manager at Unique Services
  6. Procurement and Supply Manager at KPMG
  7. Assistant Finance/Cashier at Unilever
  8. Account Officer at GIZ
  9. Internal Auditor at ASA Savings and Loans
  10. Finance & Admin Manager 
  11. WAEC Job Vacancy for Account Clerks

Banking and Finance Jobs in Ghana March 2019:

  1. Business Analyst Jobs in Ghana 2019
  2. Senior Marketing Manager at Unilever
  3. Recovery Officers needed at Advance Savings and Loans
  4. Finance Manager needed in Tema, Unilever Plc
  5. Regional Account Manager at Trend Micro
  6. Strategy Analyst at Barclays
  7. Finance & Admin Officer at a Reputable Company

How to Apply

If you are not getting feedback from employers than something might be wrong with your approach. Kindly try the following:

  1. Always read all the application instructions to the latter
  2. Always support your application with a CV and cover letter
  3. Avoid sending generic cover letters and CVs. Each application should have a CV designed specifically to meet the job description
  4. Always read the how to apply. Do not throw your application to the wind you will not get any feedback if you do!
  5. You can read more about how to design a CV  or download a responsive template here.

Good luck.

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