Latest Updates on Sobiaonline Job Portal & CV Services 2020


Its been a few months since we shared with you any update on Sobiaonline aside our routine job alerts.

The purpose of this write-up is to share some latest changes on with you.

Website Design:

We have re-designed Sobiaonline with the hope that you will find it more appealing and user friendly at the same time. Our site colors has remained largely the same whilst our logo has been re-branded to re-enforce our purpose as an agency. To find out more about why we exits and what we stand for kindly click this link

As you do visit or website from time to time to browse our jobs, we find it important to make job search and filtering much easier for you. At the top of each of our job pages now, you can search for jobs by keyword or location and you will get exactly that. Your search and filtering is now also powered by the following:

  1. Job filtering by categories
  2. Job filtering by tags
  3. Job filtering by salary and many more
  4. Streamlined  job posting platform for employers


We are pleased to inform you that we now accept payments via paypal in addition to the offline mobile money and direct bank transfer we have been using over the years. Paypal is the most trusted online payment gateway and you do not have to bother making payment on our website using your credit card. You can take a look at our updated service store via this link

Job Alerts

We have further refined the alert system to make it more responsive to your job information needs. Unfortunately, the changes made necessitates that if you have an account on our website you re-activate your job alert through a simple login here You can use your old login details: Please if you did not receive any update from us for the past week we humbly request that you reactivate your job alert. We also would want to be sure that we are sending you information you really need. We hate spam much as you do.

Next Steps

From now on wards we hope to be sending you some useful information and tips that will be very helpful to your job search and general career growth a few times in a week to complement our routine job alerts.

It is my hope that you would give us feedback on how you see our website now and how we can improve upon it. It is your ideas that always spurs us on for all these years.

Visit our website now:

Issahaku Adam,

Team Leader.

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