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Waste Management Expert

With a total population of 30.4 million people in 2019 and more than 55% living in cities, Ghana has a dense network of urban areas mostly concentrated along the Atlantic coast and in the Ashanti Region. The country is halfway through urbanisation, and has benefited from an urban economic network more advanced than other countries in West Africa. While the first period of urbanisation has generated job creation and opportunities, improved living conditions and reduced poverty for many Ghanaians, the country now faces the challenges of economic efficiency and social inclusion within its urban areas, where globally basic services are still lacking. In addition, unplanned spatial expansion of urban and metropolitan areas and their limited connectivity within and across Ghana?s cities is a challenge, increasing social and environmental costs, unequal and inadequate access to basic services, health risks and ecological damages.

To address these challenges, an integrated programme is proposed by the European Union to meet demands in infrastructures and services by working both on the institutional and legislative framework at central level, and on the urban growth at local level.

As the second largest technical cooperation agency in Europe, Expertise France (EF) has been entrusted by the EU with the design and implementation of the ?Sustainable Cities ? Phase 1? project. The action proposed by Expertise France will address the need for capacity building and data collection of the Ministry of Local Government, Decentralisation and Rural Development (MLGRD); at decentralised level the action will target selected Regional Capitals ? Wa, Damongo, Nalerigu, Bolgatanga, Tamale ? and the secondary city of Yendi.

Objectives of the Project

The Sustainable Cities in Ghana ? Phase 1 is funded by the European Union (EU) to support both national and sustainable and inclusive cities, with local authorities enhancing sustainable cities in Ghana. The project will support the development of more sustainable and inclusive cities a particular focus on 6 cities of the Northern regions during 60 months.

The Overall Objective of this action is to improve urban prosperity for all.

The Specific Objectives of this action are to:

Improve national and city level policy framework for gender responsive integrated urban development
Improve environmental management and climate change adaptation and mitigation by targeted cities
Increase delivery of quality urban services and accountability of local authorities in targeted cities.
In order to achieve this objectives, Expertise France will pursue the following actions:

Encourage coordination mechanisms between local and national authorities: strengthening capacities, setting up of an urban observatory, inclusion of climate change and inclusivity issues in the urban policies, peer-to-peer dialogue etc. ;
Structurally improve urban governance by strengthening the capacity of central and local governments to coordinate, design and implement urban policies, planning and regulation ;
Enhancing and building the technical capacities of local authorities and promoting participatory approach;
Supporting local authorities in planning and implementation process to improve water, sanitation and waste management services in the 6 cities of the project.
Job description

To support the implementation of the ?Sustainable Cities ? Phase 1? project, Expertise France is looking for a Waste Management Expert.

Based in Tamale, with regular travels in the six northern cities, the Expert works under the supervision of the Project Manager and is responsible for overseeing and operationalizing the activities of the project component related to waste management in the targeted cities. He/she works closely with other thematic experts (urban planner, water and sanitation etc.) and support functions dedicated to the project: administration and finance, logistics and security officer etc.

The key responsibilities of the Waste Management Expert include the following:

Coordinate the implementation of the waste management component

Plan and implement activities related to waste management, according to the criteria of quality, duration and costs contractually set with the donors and in close collaboration with the project team and other relevant stakeholders. Activities will include :
Evaluation needs and baseline studies of waste management systems in the 6 targeted cities
Elaboration and implementation of waste management master plans and investment programs,
Elaboration of business models for waste management services
Capacity building and support access to financing of local waste management operators
Participate to consolidate the planning of component activities (contribution to the development of the action plan, monitoring tools, budget, and schedule, etc.);
Organize and facilitate consultation/coordination meetings with project implementation partners (experts, public and private stakeholders, associations etc.) involved in waste management activities;
Participate in identification, definition of needs, and mobilization of short-term expertise (draft of terms of reference, recruitment, monitoring of missions etc.) and verify the quality of deliverables;
Ensure the quality of activities and their technical alignment with expected results, ensuring overall compliance with technical results within the set deadlines;
Preparation of specifications for tenders for the implementation of development works and equipment;
Evaluation of offers and supervision of contracts for equipment and works;
Technical quality monitoring of the construction of infrastructure and the installation of equipment;
Responsible for operational and financial reporting of waste management component internally, to the project management team;
Facilitate synergy among activities planned in other components.
Cross-cutting activities

Participate in the implementation of the methodological framework and analytical tools to monitor and measure results across the project (periodic operational and financial reporting, MEAL)
Participate in field data collection and analysis
Contribute to the development and consolidation of key project documents and deliverables
Contribute to the preparation of interim and final activity reports (narrative and financial) in accordance with deadlines and contractual terms prior to HQ validation
Report on the difficulties encountered, the risks identified and/or the context elements (sector, security, policy, etc.) that may have an impact on the successful implementation of the activities, and participate in the identification of mitigation measures
Participate in the organisation of project monitoring and steering committees, in close coordination with stakeholders (Ghanaian authorities, EF, EU, etc.)
Participate in the sharing of experiences and dissemination of best practices and contribute to communication activities and program valorisation
Position requirements

Education / qualification

Master?s degree in international development, urban planning, sustainable development, environment or any other relevant discipline
Fluent in spoken and written English and French
Computer literacy and IT savviness: text processing tools, spread sheet tools, financial and planning tools
Professional experience

At least 10 years of working experience in the field of waste management in urban context in Sub-Saharan Africa
Proven experience in technical cooperation projects
Strong proficiency in technical, financial and operational aspects of waste and sanitation systems
Good knowledge of decentralization processes, community participation, and coordination of local actors and initiatives
Demonstrated experience in institutional capacity-building related to urban development
Good understanding of local financing issues for municipal public services
Strong experience in Ghana requested, authorization to work in Ghana is a bonus
Additional specific requirements

Demonstrated management experiences in a multicultural environment
A strong sense of organisation, rigour and autonomy is required
Proven skills in negotiation, listening, setting priorities, problem-solving and decision-making, in particular in interactions with local partners
Excellent communication skills: diplomacy and communication with private or public partners, local and international
Ability to analyse, design and deliver a context-specific solution
Excellent analytical and reporting skills
Strong experience in Ghana requested
Authorization to work in Ghana is a bonus

Documents to be provided

A cover letter
Three business references including email and telephone contacts


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