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Overview of the National Professional Officer (Safety and Security)

The National Professional Officer (Safety and Security) at FAO will play a vital role in safeguarding FAO’s activities in Accra, Ghana. Related to current UN Jobs in Ghana 2023

You will also be responsible for assisting the country’s UNSMS Designated Official for Security under the coordination of the Principal/Chief Security Adviser for the country.

This position is situated within the Security Services (CSLS) of the Logistics Services Division (CSL) and is based in Accra, Ghana.

Location: Accra, Ghana

Organization: Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

About FAO:
The Security Services (CSLS) division at FAO is dedicated to ensuring a safe and secure operating environment and the uninterrupted continuity of operations in FAO offices worldwide. Our mission is to support the implementation of core activities related to the safety and security of FAO personnel globally while ensuring FAO’s compliance with the United Nations Security Management System (UNSMS) guidelines and policies.

Reporting Lines:
You will report to the FAO Representative in Ghana and receive technical guidance from the Chief, Security Services (CSLS) and the Regional Security Adviser (CSLS).

Technical Focus:
Your primary focus will be to provide operational support and expert advice to the FAO Representative on safety and security matters within the country.

Key Responsibilities and Achievements:
As the National Professional Officer (Safety and Security), your key contributions will include:

Collaborating closely with the Field Security Unit at headquarters to provide advice on maintaining the safety and security of FAO personnel, premises, and assets, aligning with UNSMS and FAO security management policies and guidelines.
Assisting in monitoring and implementing technical security measures outlined in various security documents, including the Area Security Plan, Security Risk Management (SRM) process, Residential Security Measures (RSM), Security Risk Compliance Assessments, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
Playing an active role in monitoring the security situation across the country, conducting security risk assessments, and delivering independent analyses of emerging security threats, subsequently facilitating the implementation of preventive and mitigation measures.
Ensuring that the FAO Decentralized Office maintains up-to-date security information and regularly prepares situation reports for the FAO Representative and the Field Security Unit at headquarters.
Preparing Contingency Plans and SOPs for the country office and sub-offices and actively participating in the implementation of enhanced security measures.
Conducting training and briefings on safety and security procedures, including convoy and evacuation protocols, and ensuring personnel’s adherence to security guidelines and precautions.
Regularly providing security briefings to all FAO personnel based in or on mission to the country.
Systematically reporting security incidents to the FAO Representative and Field Security Unit at headquarters.
Assisting in conducting periodic security assessments of FAO premises and equipment, offering advice on security preparedness improvements and solutions in accordance with approved Security Risk Management Measures (SRMM).
Providing support in the selection and procurement of appropriate security equipment and infrastructure.
Ensuring FAO’s active participation in the United Nations Security Management Team (SMT) and Security Cell meetings and supporting liaison with the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) and relevant law enforcement authorities, as needed.
Performing any other relevant duties as assigned.
Specific Functions:
In addition to the above responsibilities, you will also be involved in:

Supporting the implementation of the FAO Emergency Notification System.
Undertaking missions to program sites to assess local security conditions, identify security trends, and advise FAO personnel, project staff, and eligible family members on potential security issues.
Assisting in the planning and coordination of mandatory safety drills in FAO premises at the duty station.
Managing security equipment and personnel, including inventory, extended training, and the performance of security contractors, guards, and security escort personnel, if applicable.
Minimum Requirements:
To be considered for this role, you should meet the following requirements:

National of Ghana.
Advanced university degree in risk or emergency management, social/political science, military science, public administration, law enforcement, law, or a related area.
At least one year of relevant professional experience in risk management and/or safety and security services in a national security and/or military setting.
Proficient knowledge (level C) of English.
Proficient knowledge (level C) of the local language.
We are looking for candidates who demonstrate the following competencies:

Results Focus
Building Effective Relationships
Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Improvement
Desired Qualifications:
Candidates with the following qualifications will be given preference:

Work experience in more than one location or area of work, particularly in field positions.
Extensive and relevant experience in risk management and/or safety and security services in a national security and/or military setting.
In-depth knowledge of UNSMS or standard operational rules and procedures, is considered a strong asset.
If you are passionate about ensuring the safety and security of FAO’s operations in Accra, Ghana, and meet the minimum requirements, we encourage you to apply and become a part of our dedicated team at FAO.



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