Absa Hiring Card Payments Projects Manager in Greater Accra
February 11 till
March 30

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Card Payments Projects Manager

Overseeing the entire lifecycle of card products within the Absa Ghana by developing and enhancing card products, conducting market research, ensuring regulatory compliance, managing profitability, collaborating with cross-functional teams, mitigating risks, enhancing the customer experience, and continuously monitoring performance.

Job Description

Business Direction


Development of Product strategy


Plan, manage, lead, and direct business focus of the debit, credit and prepaid cards.
Build Product policies to support growth of the product portfolio
Undertake market research for all new products introduced to ensure product features match customer needs
Identify suitable products/services for target segments and customers and develop them for implementation
Work closely with all stakeholders to secure development support, appropriate systems prioritization and to develop testing plans
Ensure effective product launches ensuring all aspects are managed by the relevant specialist areas including marketing communications, training, systems and operations availability and contingency
Support in forecasting product demand volumes & monitoring that demand
Pricing optimization – and ensuring there are no income leakages
Track and analyze performance of products against a monthly annual basis and propose remedial actions on shortfalls
Manage planning for card stock within the units. Ensure card threshold adherence and zero shortage within the network and during sale campaigns.
Monitor Service Level Agreements (internal and external) and relevant KPIs
Achieve operational rigour excellence in all aspects of procedures and processes and ensure proper controls are undertaken to ensure green audit.


Delivery of Product Development


Maximise efficiencies in the business to deliver enhanced products and services to customers at a profitable cost.
Review and monitor competitor product offerings with a view to ensuring Absa card products have a competitive edge.
Repackage existing product range in line with changing customer needs
Evaluate, plan, optimise & deliver product design enhancements taking end-to-end responsibility for the quality of service that is delivered to customers across the product set
Periodically review Product Specifications to be consistent with Business Strategy. Recommend any changes required to meet target customer segments’ expectations and ensure compliance with Bank policies and guidelines. Ensure that the legal and contingency requirements of the product set are established


Business Management

Support Portfolio management


Develop strategies to drive Portfolio initiatives to grow book size
Liaise with marketing and other key divisions to complement marketing effort
Report on spend campaign performances


Sales Support


Support the Commercial team & Sales teams (e.g., Sales Managers, LGs, and RMs)
Responsible for the evaluation & delivery of new product developments/enhancements
Pricing decisions
Product maintenance, compliance responses


Operational Rigour


Achieve operational rigour excellence in all aspects of procedures and processes undertaken to ensure a satisfactory audit.
Ensure compliance with operational risk & rigour requirements e.g., Health and Safety standards, security of premises etc.
Comply with relevant legislation e.g., KYC, banking code service standards, fraud prevention and money laundering procedures
Raise reports on all risk events that occur
Conduct RCA’s and Snap Checks



Agree performance development objectives with the team leader.
Pursue self-development to increase personal effectiveness, acknowledging strengths and areas for development.



Bachelors Degree and Professional Qualifications: Business, Commerce and Management Studies (Required)

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