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Content Development Manager

We are seeking a highly motivated and skilled Educational Operational and Content Development Manager to join our dynamic team.

We are seeking a highly motivated and skilled Educational Operational and Content Development Manager to join our dynamic team. As the Educational Operational and Content Development Manager, you will play a pivotal role in designing, implementing, and enhancing educational programs and content to meet the evolving needs of our learners.

1. Operational Leadership: Lead the operational aspects of educational programs, ensuring smooth implementation and delivery. Coordinate with various teams to optimize resources and streamline processes to enhance the overall educational experience.
2. Content Development: Drive the development of engaging and interactive educational content aligned with curriculum objectives and learning outcomes. Utilize your creativity and expertise to develop innovative teaching materials, including multimedia resources, assessments, and activities.
3. Curriculum Design: Collaborate with subject matter experts to design and refine curriculum frameworks that foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and lifelong learning skills. Stay abreast of educational trends and best practices to continuously improve curriculum design and delivery.
4. Quality Assurance: Establish and maintain quality assurance processes to assess the effectiveness and impact of educational programs and content. Collect and analyze data to measure learning outcomes and identify areas for improvement.
5. Professional Development: Provide support and guidance to educators to enhance their teaching practices and instructional strategies. Facilitate professional development workshops and training sessions to empower educators with the tools and resources they need to succeed.
? Supervisory duties
1. Team Leadership: Provide effective leadership and guidance to the educational operations and content development team, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment.
2. Performance Management: Set clear performance expectations and objectives for team members, conducting regular performance evaluations and providing constructive feedback for professional growth.
3. Training and Development: Identify training needs and opportunities for professional development within the team, facilitating workshops, mentoring, and coaching to enhance skills and knowledge.
4. Resource Allocation: Allocate resources efficiently and effectively to support the successful implementation of educational programs and content development initiatives.
5. Workflow Management: Oversee workflow processes, ensuring tasks are delegated appropriately and deadlines are met in accordance with project timelines and objectives.

1. General duties
Any other duties assigned

? Program Implementation Timeliness: Measure the timeliness of program implementation against established timelines and deadlines.
? Content Quality: Assess the quality of educational content developed, including relevance, accuracy, engagement, and alignment with curriculum objectives.
? Learning Outcomes: Evaluate the effectiveness of educational programs by measuring learner outcomes such as mastery of content, academic achievement, and skill development.
? Stakeholder Satisfaction: Gather feedback from stakeholders, including educators, learners, and administrators, to assess satisfaction levels with educational programs and content.
? Team Performance: Monitor team performance indicators such as productivity, efficiency, and adherence to quality standards.
? Budget Adherence: Track expenditures related to educational operations and content development against approved budgets to ensure financial accountability.
? Professional Development Participation: Measure the participation rates of educators and team members in professional development activities and training opportunities.
? Innovation and Creativity: Assess the level of innovation and creativity demonstrated in the development of educational content and program delivery methods.
? Collaboration Effectiveness: Evaluate the effectiveness of collaboration and teamwork within the organization, including cross-functional cooperation and communication.


? Internal
? Educational Program Managers
? Instructional Designers
? Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
? Technology and IT Teams
? Human Resources (HR)

? External
? Educational Institutions
? Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
? Instructional Designers
? Technology and IT Teams
? Professional Development Specialists
? Government Agencies
? Community Organizations
? Content Providers and Publishers
? Parents and Guardians
? Industry Partners and Employers

? Decision-Making: The manager likely has the authority to make decisions related to educational program design, content development strategies, and operational processes within their area of responsibility.
? Resource Allocation: They may have the authority to allocate resources such as personnel, budget, and technology to support educational initiatives and content development projects.
? Policy Implementation: The manager may be responsible for implementing and enforcing policies, procedures, and guidelines related to educational operations, content development, and quality assurance.
? Collaboration and Coordination: They have the authority to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, coordinate cross-functional teams, and establish partnerships to achieve educational goals and objectives.
? Performance Management: The manager likely has the authority to oversee the performance of team members, conduct performance evaluations, provide feedback, and recommend actions such as promotions, training, or disciplinary measures.
? Quality Assurance: They may have the authority to establish quality assurance processes, monitor compliance with quality standards, and take corrective actions to address issues or deficiencies in educational programs and content.
? Strategic Planning: The manager may be involved in strategic planning activities, providing input and recommendations for the development of educational initiatives, long-term goals, and organizational priorities.


? Educational Leadership
? Curriculum Development
? Instructional Design
? Project Management
? Content Development
? Team Leadership and Management
? Data Analysis and Assessment
? Communication and Collaboration
? Technology Integration
? Problem-Solving and Innovation
? Quality Assurance

? Qualification

? Bachelor’s degree in Education, Curriculum Development, or related field (Master’s degree preferred)
? Proven experience in educational program management and content development
? Strong understanding of curriculum design principles and instructional strategies
? Excellent project management skills with the ability to multitask and prioritize effectively
? Proficiency in educational technologies and learning management systems
? Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively with diverse stakeholders
? Specific Working Experience
? Minimum 10 years working experience
? Personality Attributes
? Creativity
? Adaptability
? Passion for Learning
? Empathy
? Resilience
? Collaborative Spirit
? Communication Skills

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