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  • Full Time
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Website The FX Spuka & Safari Group LTD (Jambo)

Website The FX Spuka & Safari Group LTD (Jambo)

State: Accra, Ghana
Country: Ghana
Deadline: 16/09/2021
Qualification: Degree
Work Experience: 4 Years
Career Level: Mid Career
Industry: 3 Years

Solutions Architect

The cloud solution architect at the FX Spuka & Safari Group LTD (Jambo) is an information technology (IT) specialist responsible for the overall development and design of a robust, scalable, and cloud based platform.

Solutions Architect Details

The Solutions Architect will function as a CLOUD Subject Matter Expert for implementing and overseeing cloud computing strategy for our clients.

As the Solutions Architec , your job description entails mapping cloud adoption plans, application design, and cloud management and monitoring.

It also involves overseeing application architecture requirements and deployment in cloud environments.

Cloud solution architects actively contribute their knowledge of modern software development techniques and technology to design services that utilize the latest technologies and architecture to produce services that meet customers’ demands.

To work as a cloud solutions architect, individuals must possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in an Engineering field like computer engineering, electrical engineering, or computer science, or in any other relevant field.

You will also need 3-5 years cognate experience, AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification, and excellent understanding of cloud computing technologies and modern computing trends.

Responsibilities of the Solutions Architect

Cloud solution architects perform various functions, including managing the cloud computing architecture in an organization, especially as cloud technologies grow increasingly complex.

Cloud computing architecture comes with managing front-end platforms, servers, storage, delivery, and networks required to manage cloud storage.

The major duties, tasks, and responsibilities that constitute the cloud solution architect job description are shown below:

Leverage on Cloud environment and service-oriented architecture principles to define and own Solution Architecture (applications and data technologies)

Work with clients to design a full-stack solution using software that fully integrates with customer’s existing cloud infrastructure from data flow, security, DevOps, and other standpoints
Propose suggestions and best practices to optimize customers’ cloud presence, performance, security, and cost
Responsible for the evaluation of technical risks and map out mitigation strategies
Carry out debugging, troubleshooting, modifications, and unit testing of custom solutions built on the organization/clients platform

Develop new specs, documentation; and partake in the development of technical procedures and user support guides
Responsible for the creation of a well-informed cloud strategy and administer the adoption process
Evaluate cloud applications, hardware, and software at regular intervals

Develop and organize cloud systems and work closely with IT security to monitor the company’s cloud privacy
Provide prompt response to technical issues in a professional manner
Direct infrastructure movement procedure, including bulk application transfers into the cloud environment
Responsible for spotting the cloud architecture solutions to effectively meet the strategic needs of the company.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or Mathematics or in any other relevant field.
3-5+ years’ of relevant experience
Advanced knowledge of leading architecture solutions in the industry area
Strong interpersonal and collaboration skills
Ability to demonstrate technical concepts to non-technical audiences

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Solutions Architect

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