Research and Communications Manager

Full Time Greater Accra Region Family Empowerment Media

Research and Communications Manager

Family Empowerment Media (FEM) is an evidence-based non-profit that enables informed family planning through clear, compelling, and accurate communication.

Family Empowerment Media seeks a short term Research and Communications Manager to conduct qualitative research and support the development of prototypes of its radio programming prior to the launch of its family planning programs in Ghana.
About Family Empowerment Media
In Ghana, modern methods of contraception are available at low or no cost in most locations. Nevertheless, according to the last Demographic and Health Survey, 26% of married women who do not want to become pregnant are not using a modern contraception method. While there are many causes for this usage gap, misperceptions about the side effects of contraception are largely to blame.
FEM aims to increase understanding of modern contraception methods by disseminating information through radio advertisements and programs. Numerous studies have demonstrated the positive effect that radio-based social and behavioral change campaigns can have in empowering women and men to realize their family planning intentions.
FEM is an early-stage organization with significant potential for growth. The idea for the organization was conceived in August 2020 during the Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation Program. In early September, we received our first seed funding grant. The next steps are to develop a prototype, proof of concept, and a pilot in Ghana. By the end of 2022, we plan to have reached 320 000 Ghanaian women through our programming and established an office in Ghana with four full-time employees.
About the Role
The Research and Communications Manager will play a key role in FEM’s prototyping phase, from October – November 2020. The Manager will (1) support FEM in conducting research on a variety of topics, and (2) developing prototypes of radio content.
The prototyping phase will be iterative. We will start with formative research of the target audience, develop a rough prototype, test the rough prototype, develop a feasible prototype, and test the feasible prototype (Table 1).
Comments for timeline
Table 1: Prototyping timeline
Workstream: Activity
Research: Conduct formative research with the target audience through focus groups and interviews
Oct 12
Oct 23
Content dev: Develop/adapt radio scripts and manage the production of rough prototypes. This could be done together with a content development agency.
Oct 26
Oct 30
Research: Test rough prototypes through focus groups and interviews
Nov 2
Nov 6
Content dev: Develop/adapt radio scripts and manage the production of functional prototypes (potentially with a production company)
Nov 9
Nov 13
Research: Test functional prototypes through focus groups and interviews
Nov 16
Nov 27
The Manager’s research responsibilities will include:
  1. Providing input and revise research tools (i.e., focus group and interview guides) in consultation with the FEM co-founders
  2. Managing all aspects of field research (e.g., developing itineraries, recruiting fixers and translators [as necessary], arranging transit)
  3. Leading focus groups and interviews
  4. Capturing research notes and synthesizing findings to inform prototype production
Content development
The Manager’s content development responsibilities will include:
  1. Developing/adapting scripts in consultation with the FEM co-founders
  2. Identifying and recruiting freelance radio announcers and actors
  3. Managing the production of prototype
Assuming the Prototype phase indicates a high potential for FEM to continue in Ghana, we will look to make permanent hires. This role will be a good opportunity for us to get to know each other and determine the potential for a more long term arrangement.
Benefits of working at FEM
  • Contribute to families leading happier and healthier lives by enabling them to realize their family planning intentions
  • Experience working with a startup and gaining insight into the entrepreneurial process
  • Opportunities to advance as the organization grows

Required Skills or Experience

The ideal Manager will be experienced in beneficiary research and social behavior change campaigns, and/or audience research and media production.

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More specifically, the Manager will possess some or all of the following qualifications:

  • Strong qualitative research skills, including experience, conducted structured interviews, and facilitating focus groups (human-centered design experience would be a plus)
  • Capacity to synthesize qualitative findings into actionable recommendations, and to concisely communicate findings and recommendations in writing
  • Ability to script compelling audio narratives
  • Knowledge of studio and field recording
  • Familiarity with issues related to family planning, reproductive health, and maternal care, and a network in Ghana in this space
  • Sensitivity to culture and gender-related issues

Further details

  • The Manager should be capable of working in a remote environment
  • Due to the sensitivity of the focus group and interview conservations, we expect it is more appropriate for a woman to serve as the Manager

How To Apply

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    • Sample of your work: 1- page of either an illustrative focus group guide, structured interview guide, or research plan
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