Public Health Technical and administrative Advisor

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State: Accra, Ghana
Country: Ghana
Deadline: 22/07/2021
Qualification: Degree
Work Experience: 3 Years
Career Level: Mid-level
Industry: Commerce


This project will enhance CDC’s immediate capacity in this area by providing consultative, coordination and support services to enable CDC to meet its timelines for implementation of COVID-19 activities. The consultant needs to have, substantial experience within the Ghanaian public health context, particularly as it relates to working with GHSA, emergency preparedness/response, USG, the GOG and relevant stakeholders.

The project will focus on supporting Ghana’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and other priority pathogens and evaluating the impact of CDC investments since 2018.

The consultant shall provide support to and liaise with the MOH, GHS, CDC’s implementing partners, CDC and other USG agencies, and relevant stakeholders, on the implementation of CDC activities for strengthening Ghana’s disease surveillance, laboratory systems, workforce development, emergency management, and other critical areas, for response to COVID-19 and other priority pathogens in accordance with this scope of work by providing the following services:

Provide high quality technical assistance, advice and support to CDC and DGHP Ghana teams, on issues impactingworkforce development, national laboratory systems strengthening, emergency preparedness and response, and surveillance forCOVID-19 and other infectious disease threats.
Liaise with MOH, GHS and CDC implementing partners to identify and coordinate the implementation of COVID-19 relatedactivities and updating weekly on progress and the impact of these activities in Ghana.
Serve as CDC Ghana’s technical advisor and liaison on GHSA evaluation and COVID-19 activities in Ghana.
In consultation and collaboration with host country counterparts, and other stakeholders, supports the CDC DGHP Country Director in the formulation and implementation of CDC’s and DGHP’s global COVID-19 strategy and related activities.
Provide grants management support to improve the execution, monitoring, and impact of grant funding for COVID-19 activities.
Contributes to the development of new activities, drafting technical materials for DGHP Country Director’s review insupport of new funding opportunities.
In consultation with the DGHP Country Director, provides technical assistance to the CDC Ghana GHSA implementingpartners and to the Government of Ghana by participating in the National Technical Coordinating Committee, Emergency Operations Center, and other key meetings for emergency preparedness and response to infectious disease threats including COVID-19.
Serves as key member of the USG interagency GHSA team (including USAID, DOD, DOS and CDC).
Engages with CDC/DGHP headquarters’ SMEs to provide technical advice on matters pertaining to capacity building in Ghana for workforce development, national laboratory systems strengthening, emergency preparedness and response, surveillance, policy and strategic planning for COVID-19.
Provide consultative, coordinative, and editorial services for the development and implementation of written workplans for the COVID-19 preparedness and response for Ghana in collaboration with CDC and local stakeholders. This will require participation in key meetings and regular individual communications with CDC staff and stakeholders. Key meetings could occur daily, monthly, or quarterly as determined by the COR, Regional Coordinator, and Country Director. The key meetings are designed to have oversight over the development and implementation of COVID-19 related activities.
Develop and publish an electronic organizational framework of key local and international stakeholders with clear roles and responsibilities for COVID-19 preparedness and response in Ghana, using PowerPoint and Word to develop and produce the schematic and narrative supporting documents.
Review the GHSA related assessments (including the IHR assessment), develop a customized written template for measuring and evaluating CDC-funded COVID-19 activities’ progress and gaps over time to ensure that all required steps are finalized according to set timelines, and provide written recommendations for program quality improvement.
Provide consultative, coordination, and editorial services for the development of an evaluation plan for CDC- funded GHSA support to Ghana from 2018-2022.
Lead evaluation of the impact of CDC’s investments on GHSA capabilities in Ghana, including an assessment of sustainability of built capacity.
Provide consultative, coordination, and editorial services for the development of a dissemination plan for CDC- funded GHSA success stories, promising practices, and publication-worthy practice-based and scientific manuscripts.
Participate in the development and delivery of the USG’s approach and delivery of high-level technical assistance to ensure global health security preparedness and response objectives, including COVID-19, progress and program priorities are met with the DGHP Country Director
As a member of a workgroup that includes the DGHP Country Director, Deputy Director-at-Large, CDC SMEs and local partners address gaps that builds capacity and sustainability on global health security program activities, planning, and program management.
Provide direction and guidance on the DGHP Country Director and Deputy Director-at-Large’s annual planning, programming decisions, and coordination of technical activities.
Provide technical support and guidance on global health security activities to the CDC and the USG interagency GHSA team on quarterly reporting and annual workplan development.
Contribute written content and provide editorial review of all documents produced by DGHP (e.g., weekly DGHP activities report, quarterly reporting (including indicator reporting, annual USG interagency workplans, ITF COVID-19 updates, success stories from the field, CDC Ghana DGHP fact sheets, presentations, etc.).
Advise and provide technical assistance to CDC Ghana DGHP, CDC SMEs, USG GHSA partners and other stakeholders on surveillance, reporting, emergency preparedness and response and laboratory issues including the linkages between elements, needs assessment and allocation of national resources.
Provide expert guidance to the DGHP Country Director, Deputy Director-at-Large and team, and CDC HQ SMEs and local partners during quarterly workplan activity and budget reporting reviews and meetings.
Serves as an advisor to CDC Ghana and other USG partners on the policy and systems aspects of other programs across GOG’s ministries with responsibilities related to COVID-19 and GHSA areas.
Travel will be required to provide technical support on-site for global health security and COVID-19 activities both within and outside Accra, Ghana local travel area. Minimal international travel is expected. The candidate may be required to travel to the United States and within Africa. There may be 2-10 trips, the duration of the trips may be for 2 days to 1 week depending on the coordination need.


Period of Performance
August 2, 2021 – August 1, 2022

Place(s) of Performance
Accra, Ghana

Education and Training

Coursework and significant work experience in public health or related field in resource challenged countries.
Level IV English proficiency required. Ability to effectively communicate in English (speaking, writing, and reading) dailywith various groups.

Technical Experience

Minimum of five years’ experience in global health security, HIV/AIDS, TB, and/or other communicable disease programsettings, preferably in a resource-limited country.
Minimum of three years’ experience serving as a recognized and successful public health program manager including experience providing technical assistance and supporting capacity building and working with implementing partners.
Minimum of three years’ experience guiding technical teams though complex situations


Minimum of three years of substantial working with global health security programs in-country including leading interdisciplinary teams on site monitoring visits with government counterparts for real-time assessment and remediation efforts.
Minimum of three years of experience collaborating with government counterparts including national laboratories to supportsurveillance and epidemiological studies.
Experience leading teams to meet timelines and deliverables.
Excellent time and project management skills.

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