Project Management Specialist – Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (MEL)

Full Time Greater Accra USAID
Verified Listing
State: Accra, Greater Accra
Country: Ghana
Deadline: 25/03/2021
Qualification: Degree
Work Experience: 5 Years
Career Level: Mid-level
Industry: NGO

Project Management Specialist Full Job Description

OFFICIAL TITLE: SUBJECT: Solicitation for a Cooperating Country/Third Country National Personal Service Contractor (CCN/TCN PSC) – Project Management Specialist – Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (MEL)

The Project Management Specialist, MEL Specialist position at USAID in Ghana  is part of the Economic Growth (EG) Office within USAID/Ghana.

The Project Management Specialist provides leadership in the design, monitoring and evaluation of Performance Management Plans (PMP), ensuring compliance with USAID performance management requirements as indicated in ADS 201, including special requirements of Presidential Initiatives such as Feed the Future and Prosper Africa, as well as other cross-cutting concerns such as gender equity and environmental compliance.

The Project Management Specialist will support learning and/or collaboration events across EGO implementing partners to promote learning among stakeholders, including the dissemination of lessons and best practices.

The Project Management Specialist is responsible for writing and compiling periodic monitoring and reporting documents.

The MEL Specialist reports directly to the Agriculture Team lead or their designee on issues related to monitoring the performance of EG programs/projects, and advises on impact evaluations and reporting results.

2. Statement of Duties to be Performed

a. The Project Management Specialist Provides technical assistance to the EG team and its implementing partners in monitoring the performance of programs/projects, track outcomes and results (60%)

The MEL specialist is responsible for coordinating the Economic Growth’s Office (EGO) to consolidate and update performance information for operational plans and validate, o- validate, and complete indicator tables for the annual Performance Plan and Report (PPR) and other reports.

Additionally, they will conduct site visits, prepare reports documenting performance, participate in technical reviews of new activities, and coordinate semi-annual portfolio reviews.

The MEL Specialist will coordinate the development of EGO’s Performance Management Plan (PMP) and provide technical assistance in the overall implementation of the PMP. They will ensure compliance with USAID policies and regulations and document program impact.

The MEL Specialist will develop evaluation, planning, and implementation strategies for EGO programs/projects, advise on the formulation of project-level performance management plans to track milestones and report on selected standard performance indicators, as well as custom indicators and outputs.

They will advise EGO and senior Mission staff on how performance monitoring data, population-based surveys, and other third-party data can inform program design and adaptive management.

The Project Management Specialist will ensure compliance with all specific reporting requirements including gender, environment, and all relevant Presidential Initiatives and Congressional earmarks.

The Project Management Specialist Specialist will ensure that appropriate data collection procedures are used, and develop M&E data tracking system methods for quality checks, meet all PMP reporting requirements, including quarterly, annual reports, and on-demand reporting requests.

The Project Management Specialist will collaborate with other teams to respond and gather data for annual surveys on aid effectiveness.

The Project Management Specialist (MEL Specialist) will ensure that Agency/Mission/Congressional requirements are being tracked.

These include: environment, biodiversity, gender equity, disability, and minority serving institutions. The Specialist will also collaborate with support offices and other EG team members to help prepare accurate pipeline levels and future resource requests as well as procurement plans for portfolio reviews.

This will include documenting the portfolio review by preparing minutes to capture issues, discussions and recommendations, and prepare an Action Tracking Sheet to monitor quarterly the progress toward completing tasks developed during the reviews.

The MEL Specialist may also support the GFSS project by acting as either primary or alternate COR/AOR or activity manager to technical activities outside of MEL.

This includes continuous monitoring and evaluation of program performance and financial oversight of programs managed under his/her supervision.

The Project Management Specialist (MEL Specialist) will provide technical guidance to the activity within the scope of the agreement and accept deliverables from the contractor on behalf of the mission.

b. Manages the EGO M&E award and supports Mission-wide MEL activities (25%) The MEL Specialist will collaborate with other EG team members, the Mission’s M&E Specialist, the EG M&E activity, and other EG implementing partners to determine, validate, maintain, and update the geographically referenced database of performance indicators and other information required for the PMP and GIS.

The MEL Specialist will also perform periodic data quality assessments with the Mission’s M&E Specialist and EG M&E award to ensure validity, integrity, precision, reliability and timeliness of all performance data; identify any deficiencies and suggest corrective actions, and assist the EG technical team members to maintain electronic and hard copy files to meet the Automated Directives System (ADS) requirements.

c. Support to Mission Staff to assess and support partner and Government of Ghana (GOG) data and M&E needs (15%)

The Project Management Specialist (MEL Specialist) will conduct periodic site visits with the Mission’s M&E Specialist and Contracting Officer’s Representatives/Agreement Officer’s Representatives CORs/AORs) to assess partner and Government of Ghana (GOG) data collection methods, provide technical assistance to implementing partners and provide written reports on progress, impact, problems and constraints, and opportunities.

The MEL Specialist will review project/activity/program statements of work and program descriptions to ensure that methods to measure performance results are adequate and feasible as well as participate in technical reviews and provide comments on draft documents to ensure that monitoring and evaluation plans and reports meet Mission management needs and ADS requirements.

The MEL specialist will also support GOG Ministry of Food and Agriculture and Ghana Statistical Services to identify data and knowledge management needs and build capacity with analysis, data management and reporting.

The contractor is eligible for temporary duty (TDY) travel to the U.S., or to other Missions abroad, to participate in the “Foreign Service National” Fellowship Program, in accordance with USAID policy.


The work requested does not involve undue physical demands.


a. Education: Bachelor’s degree in economics, agriculture, agribusiness, international development, project management, survey research, program evaluation, or statistics is required.

b. Prior Work Experience: A minimum of five years of M&E experience, for an international organization or a non-governmental organization, is required, including monitoring and evaluation database management, survey research, responsibility for research methods, program evaluation, qualitative and quantitative statistical sampling, information analysis, research techniques and methodologies, experience using data for decision-making for program design and adaptive management, report writing, use of Microsoft spreadsheets (like Excel), and familiarity with Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

c. Language Proficiency: Level IV proficiency in spoken and written English is required for this position. Refined oral presentation and writing skills in English that allow the employee to make effective presentations and development relationships with partners. (Language proficiency may be tested.)


The Government may award a contract without discussions with offerors in accordance with FAR 52.215-1.

The CO reserves the right at any point in the evaluation process to establish a competitive range of offerors with whom negotiations will be conducted pursuant to FAR 15.306(c).

In accordance with FAR 52.215-1, if the CO determines that the number of offers that would otherwise be in the competitive range exceeds the number at which an efficient competition can be conducted, the CO may limit the number of offerors in the competitive range to the greatest number that will permit an efficient competition among the most highly rated offers. The FAR provisions referenced above are available at

The evaluation and selection criteria of the selected candidate will be based on a review of his/her qualifications, work experience, knowledge, skills and abilities, and level of language required.

The applicants who obtain the highest score based on the criteria defined will be interviewed and may also be required to pass a written test (depending on the TEC Chairperson’s decision). The security clearance and medical clearance is required for the top- ranking candidate, after conducting and receiving the positive reference checks.

a. Prior Work Experience (20%):

A minimum of five years of M&E experience, for an international organization or a non-governmental organization, is required, including monitoring and evaluation database management, survey research, responsibility for research methods, program evaluation, qualitative and quantitative statistical sampling, information analysis, research techniques and methodologies, experience using data for decision-making for program design and adaptive management, report writing, use of Microsoft spreadsheets (like Excel), and familiarity with Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

b. Job Knowledge (40%): The Specialist should have a solid experience in gathering, analyzing and interpreting complex development data and financial information related to food security programs using different computer programs; solid understanding of the logical framework and results framework models and the management for results approach; thorough understanding of gender issues and gender data collection, analysis and reporting; knowledge of food security and agricultural development issues in Ghana, including the Government of Ghana’s (GOG) key institutions, policies, agricultural development sector strategy, major programs, and approach to addressing the needs of vulnerable groups engaged in agricultural production; understanding of the inter-relationships of the various sectors of the Ghanaian economic and social development, particularly for their implications for food security in relation to population, health and nutrition; and a solid grasp of the economic, political, social, and cultural characteristics of Ghana, and an understanding of the history of development assistance programs in Ghana.

c. Skills and Abilities (40%): The Specialist must demonstrate the ability to prepare reports and provide briefings to Supervisor/Team Leader, other members of management, Embassy officers, and high-level visitors, as required; prepare progress reports based on data collection, field analysis and assessment of food security activities; undertake field assessments independently; be able to set objectives, plan and follow-through on multiple tasks, as well as demonstrating excellent time management skills critical to managing program reporting, tasks are required.

The EG Office is dynamic and responds to the agency’s culture of frequent changes. Therefore, the candidate must be flexible and be able to respond to frequent changes.

In addition, the Specialist should demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to effectively with superiors, colleagues and partners as well as maturity, objectivity, resourcefulness, adaptability and sound professional judgment.

The ability to establish and maintain professional and effective contacts with GoG development partners, GoG counterpart agencies, and bilateral, multilateral, and international development organizations is required. The Specialist should be a proactive team player; able to respond to work assignments on short deadlines; have strong computer skills, including good knowledge of Microsoft Office and GIS; and be willing to travel to rural areas for several days.

Total Possible Score: 100%

After the closing date for receipt of applications, all applications will initially be screened for conformity with minimum requirements and a shortlist of applicants developed. Applications from candidates which do not meet the required selection criteria will not be scored.

A committee will be convened to review the shortlisted applications and evaluate them in accordance with the evaluation criteria. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. No response will be sent to unsuccessful applicants.

USAID reserves the right to interview only the highest ranked applicants in person, virtually OR not to interview any candidate.
The Agency retains the right to cancel or amend the solicitation and associated actions at any stage of the recruitment process.

Reference checks will be conducted by Human Resources only for the successful candidate. If a candidate does not wish USAID to contact a current employer for a reference check, this should be stated in the application letter


1. Eligible Offerors are required to complete and submit the offer from AID 309-2 (OFFEROR INFORMATION FOR PERSONAL SERVICES CONTRACTS WITH INDIVIDUALS) which is available at the following link:

2. Offeror must also submit a signed cover letter and a resume.

3. Minimum of three (3) and a maximum of five (5) professional references with telephone and e-mail contacts, who are not family members or relatives. The applicant’s references must be able to provide substantive information about his/her past performance and abilities.

At least one reference provided should be a current or former supervisor.

4. A supplemental document with written responses to the Evaluation Factors listed under Section III.

5. Relevant educational certificate (s) and work permit or residency permit.

6. Offers must be received by the closing date and time on the first page of this solicitation. and submitted via email to

To ensure consideration of offers for the intended position, Offerors must prominently reference the position title and solicitation number in the subject line of their email.

7. Offeror submissions must clearly reference the Solicitation number on all offeror submitted documents in order to be considered for the position.


The CO will provide instructions about how to complete and submit the following forms after an offeror is selected for the contract award:

1. Medical History and Examination Form (Department of State Forms)
2. Security Clearance
3. Finger Print Card (FD-258)


As a matter of policy, and as appropriate, a PSC is normally authorized the following benefits and allowances:

a. Health Insurance
b. Annual Salary Increase (if applicable)
c. Annual and Sick leave
d. Annual Bonus
e. Salary Advance (0% interest)
f. Social Security Contributions
g. Local and American Holidays

In accordance with Mission policy and local labor laws.

1. ALLOWANCES (as applicable):
a. Meal Allowance
b. Miscellaneous Allowance

In accordance with Mission policy and local labor laws.


The Mission emphasizes to its employees the fact that they are obliged to observe Ghanaian Laws, including those concerning income and related tax obligations.

Payment of such taxes is a matter between the individual employee and the Ghanaian Government.

In the absence of a specific international agreement, the U.S. Government will not withhold local taxes from an employee’s salary.

In accordance with Mission policy and local labor laws.


USAID regulations and policies governing CCNPSC awards are available at these sources:

1. USAID Acquisition Regulation (AIDAR), Appendix J, “Direct USAID Contracts With a Cooperating Country National and with a Third Country National for Personal Services Abroad,” including contract clause “General Provisions,” available at

2. Contract Cover Page form AID 309-1 available at Pricing by line item is to be determined upon contract award as described below:

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