Packaging Engineer and Utilities Unit Manager

Voltic Ghana Limited (Akwadum Plant)

Voltic Ghana Limited (Akwadum Plant)

Packaging Engineer and Utilities Unit Manager

An exciting job offer exists in Voltic Ghana Limited (Akwadum Plant) for a Packaging Engineer and Utilities Unit Manager.

Voltic (GH) Limited, has been known for manufacturing of the leading premium water brand in Ghana for over two decades. Currently, Voltic (GH) Limited has expanded its portfolio to cover alcoholic beverages, carbonated soft drinks, Juices and Value-Added Dairies.

This role reports to the Manufacturing Manager, Manufacturing Function.

The primary role of the Packaging Engineer is to ensure the engineering integrity of the packaging and utilities plant.

This includes responsibility for asset care, cost and performance control, overall reliability and “up-time” of the packaging lines and utilities also the provision of effective engineering support to the shift-based production teams, as well as efficiently leading the team to meet manufacturing, quality and maintenance targets and to manage any outsourced maintenance services

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Packaging Engineer Key Duties & Responsibilities

1. Drive the deployment of the CCBA Asset Management Strategy in the Plant:
• Provide technical leadership and support to plant Packaging and utilities Engineering teams in terms of asset management strategy, framework and technology to enable the implementation of business strategies to leverage equipment, productivity, reliability and maintainability, thereby enabling high plant availability and utilisation at lowest cost;
• Support the disciplined execution of standard work practices at plant level
• Ensure compliance to the Asset Care Philosophy and related Strategies
2. Asset Care
• Partake in the development of the asset care plan for the packaging plant, contributing suggestions and providing expert advice.
• Implement the asset care plan for the Packaging plant, ensuring the Packaging Engineering team have the required competencies to execute the plan
• Ensure that asset care competencies are developed in the Packaging Engineering team. Where training needs have been identified, ensure these are addressed.
• Ensure that asset care goals are incorporated into Packaging Engineering team and individual goals
• Implementation of the Predictive Maintenance Strategy, including the Condition Monitoring program
3. Plant Optimisation
• Take part in and/or manage central office plant optimisation trials or projects, providing advice, assistance and guidance where required.
• Evaluate impact of new plant and equipment, and sign off all plant modifications and changes.
• Analyse plant performance data to identify opportunities for improvement to plant performance, and initiates opportunity evaluation.
• Have a working understanding of plant operation and associated Work Instructions and/or procedures.
• Analyse plant failure modes and investigate causes for repeat failures to identify and correct root causes.

4. Team Leadership and Management
• Lead the Packaging Engineering team in a manner that engenders ownership, empowerment and team interaction.
• Lead the development of Packaging Engineering team goals and ensure these are communicated and understood by team members.
• Entrench a high performance culture by conducting regular Packaging Engineering team goal review sessions, one-on-one’s and performance reviews.

5. Safety and Housekeeping
• Ensure that the Packaging Engineering team apply proper safety and housekeeping procedures, and adhere to all legal requirements when carrying out their tasks.
• Ensure implementation of the appropriate CCBA and legislative policies (such as OSH act) on safety and housekeeping.
• Ensure all statutory and mandatory checks are part of the asset care management system, are performed and all documentation completed and recorded.
• Ensure that health, safety and housekeeping receive appropriate focus through regular checks and audits, with appropriate monthly/quarterly meetings.
• Where unsafe work practices have been identified, the Packaging engineer is responsible for correcting this.

6. To drive WCM initiatives
• Leads the WCM change management processes
• Formulates work practice deployment plans and ensures that plans are executed
• Drives a problem-solving culture
• Ensures that teams implement and adhere to divisional standards
• Coaches teams on work practice Implementation

8. To formulate and control expense and capital budgets so that expenses are planned for and managed effectively within budgetary parameters

• Expense and capital budgets are formulated in line with financial guidelines, production budget and with the business plan
• Input of Team Leaders is obtained
• To be approved by Manufacturing Manager
• The formulated expense budget includes all expense items as per expense format
• Approved budgets are communicated to Team Leaders timely
• Budgeting to be benchmark driven

9. To solve systemic problems to save costs, minimise risk and losses and to improve productivity in line with benchmarks

• Systems and processes are improved, revised, changed and designed as and when required
• Solution is applied to other, similar systemic problems
• Relevant people are involved
• Unit members are coached and empowered to solve their own situational problems.
• Drive improvement process to achieve savings in energy and water consumption.

Judgement and decision making
Skills, Experience & Education
Judgement and decision making

• Highly developed analytical skills with excellent problem solving capability
• Excellent interpersonal skills, with demonstrated ability to interact and influence at all levels of the organization
• Demonstrate an understanding and knowledge of manufacturing principles and practices within the industry.
• Demonstrate an understanding and knowledge of the FMCG industry
• Ability to assess organisational systems to ensure support of strategic directive
• Ability to lead and influence ideas and people by articulating a compelling and inspired vision and motivating and mobilising individuals and parties towards this common goal.
• Evidence of the ability to consistently make good decisions through a combination of analysis, wisdom, experience and judgment.
• Proven ability to foresee and take action against potential risks to the business/system as a whole
• Assesses and makes clear trade-offs when making critical decisions
• Simplifies the decision making process for self and others


• Understanding of The Manufacturing Way / WCM / Lean practices and principles.
• Detailed knowledge of Manufacturing processes.
• A good understanding of the Change Management process and OD principles.
• Excellent MS Office skills
• Good organisational abilities.
• A self-starter with high energy level.
• Continuous Improvement mindset
• Ability to identify gaps and initiate improvement activities.
• Understanding of SHE policies and procedures
• Financial interpretation
• Project Management


Skills and Attributes:
• Proven Leadership skills and management capability
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills – clear capability and credibility to influence at all levels.
• Highly developed analytical skills with excellent problem-solving capability
• Attention to detail and commitment to quality is non-negotiable.
• Ability to train and coach own team (s).
• Ability to apply problem solving skills at all levels and implement associated systems
• Is a logical thinker with the ability to determine quick solutions when problems arise
• Ability to reflect and analyse with precision
• Ability to be pragmatic, and able to place equal emphasis on quality and productivity
• Ability to be systematic and analytical helps to foster high quality outputs
• Assertiveness
• Negotiation skills

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