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Website National Service Secretariat

Website National Service Secretariat

State: Ghana
Country: Ghana
Deadline: 26/11/2022
Qualification: Degree/Diploma
Work Experience: 0 Years
Career Level: Entry Level
Industry: All Industries

National Service Postings

The National Service Secretariat of Ghana has deployed a total of 81,081 graduates from accredited tertiary institutions under the National Service Postings 2021 regime

This job listing provides an update on the National Service Postings 2021 and addressed common challenges and questions you might be having.

According to Graphic Online, a statement signed and issued by the new and Acting Executive Director of NSS, Mr Osei Assibey Antwi advised prospective service personnel to log on to the nss portal via to confirm the specifics of their placements before visiting their respective user agencies to endorse their letters of appointment.

“Management wishes to inform the general public that, some prospective service personnel have been placed on hold for further verification due to discrepancies detected in their online registration details,” the statement added.

“Notifications have already been sent to the affected personnel and they are hereby directed to visit any regional office of the scheme with a copy of the enrolment forms, student ID, any national ID and a soft copy of their passport picture saved with their NSS number as file name to clear them for posting,” it said.

National Office 2021 Regional Office/ Zonal Registration process

It said to help minimize excessive crowds at the registration centers, all posted national service personnel are required to schedule an appointment online and visit the registration centers on the scheduled date and time for validation with strict adherence to the COVID-19 protocol guidelines.

It is important to note that posting registration should be completed by Friday, November 5, 2021.

The NSS management has further directed all graduates who have been duly posted and accepted by their user agencies to begin their national service on Monday, October 11, 2021 even as they undergo the validation exercise.

This is a special provision implemented to facilitate service registration following the delay in the release of the postings in the wake of COVID-19.

All deployed national service personnel are entreated to accept their postings as part of their civic obligations to contribute meaningfully to national development.

Common Questions and Answers About the National Service Postings 2021

What informs the Distribution of Service Personnel and How Postings are done?

The national service postings is based informed by user agency request. So the number of requests from corporate agencies in the Greater Accra and Ashanti Regions for instance is always higher which makes these two Regions receives the largest share of postings. Also is important is to National Service Postings is demand and supply factors influence postings across Ghana.

I have checked my posting status in the nss portal and it showed that I am still not posted. What should I do?

Visit the your local agency for clearance. If you have done service before during your HND or Diploma period, you will be placed on hold.

3. Is there an increase in allwonce?

The current allowance is still  GHC 559.

4. My appointment letter is not available for downloading in the nss portal.

The database has been updated and as at this morning (07/10/2021), you can now download your form. Please head back to the portal and give it a try again.

5. What happens to those who fail to do their service? Is the National Service that important?

Firstly, It is illegal for both private and public agencies to employ you if you do not have a National Service Certificate.

Secondly, before you can hold any public office in Ghana, you will need to have your national service certificate ready.

Thirdly, the certificate is a requirement for award of scholarships when you are to be awarded a scholarships

The National Service is a rare opportunity to provide you the experience to launch your career gracefully.

6. Does National Service Postings 2021 allow for re-posting? What are the conditions?

NSS does not accept re-postings unless under the conditions below:

  • Physically challenged people will have considerations for re-posting
  • Ladies who are pregnant and would want to be reposted will be considered
  • Married women will be also considered subject to certain considerations
  • Genuine rejections from an agency you have been posted to will get you re-posted

7. Does reposeting require payment?


8. Are there agencies who act as an agent collecting monies on behalf of the national service?

All candidates should desist from engaging third parties to help them in their re-posting issues. If you have any issue please contact your Regional or Local level NSS office for redress.

9. I have completed my National Service but have not received my certificate yet?

The system has been digitized and all hard copies have been delivered by email and a courier company was deployed to dispatch all hard copies. Consider contacting your local agent or NSS

10. Will be given transport money to aid me move to my service station?

Transport allowance is only provided at the end of your National Service.

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Disclaimer: Please contact National Service to address all your NSS issues. 

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