MEL Consultant at TetraTech

State: Accra, Greater Accra
Country: Ghana
Deadline: 31/01/2022
Qualification: Degree
Work Experience: 3 Years
Career Level: Mid-career
Industry: NGO

MEL Consultant Summary

TetraTech International Development is currently implementing the Ghana Fishery Recovery Activity (GFRA) Project in Ghana and now seeks to engage the services of a MEL Consultant to aid in developing the GFRA’s Monitoring and Evaluation System.

1.0 Background to the MEL Consultant Role & Tetra Tech

On May 26, 2021, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded Tetra Tech the Feed the Future Ghana Fisheries Recovery Activity (GFRA), a 5-year $17.88 million contract to mitigate the near collapse of Ghana’s small pelagic fisheries sector and establish a durable basis for its ecological recovery.

To fulfill this purpose, a balanced and strategic approach will be implemented that reduces fishing overcapacity and increases controlled access over Ghana’s small pelagic fisheries sector to encourage ecological sustainability while also enhancing socio-economic well-being and local resilience of artisanal fisherfolk and their communities.

GFRA activities will be implemented under an overarching framework using an ecosystem approach to fisheries management (EAFM) inclusive of relevant strategic interventions to collectively achieve GFRA’s five interdependent strategic approaches, as follows:

• Strategic Approach 1: Align fisheries capacity with ecological carrying capacity of the small pelagic fisheries while enhancing the socio-economic well-being and resilience of artisanal fisherfolk.

• Strategic Approach 2: Increase the quality and value of artisanal fish products to maintain household income and enhance availability of nutritious foods for local and regional markets.

• Strategic Approach 3: Strengthen transparency, accountability, and co management in governance practices for fisheries policymaking, regulation, and enforcement.

• Strategic Approach 4: Strengthen constituencies to promote and implement sustainable fisheries management.

• Strategic Approach 5: Improve use of science and research for policy and management decisions.

An integral component to GFRA’s success is the development of its Activity Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Plan (AMELP) and the development of the project’s monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems.

The AMELP presents 22 indicators that GFRA must report to USAID on an annual basis. GFRA is seeking a consultant to support the development of the project’s M&E system, focusing on establishing the procedures and tools needed to collect data and report against the AMELP indicators.

5.0 MEL Consultant Schedule

Assignment will be completed between January 4 – February 18, 2022

2.0 Objective/Purpose of the SOW

The objective of this MEL Consultant  assignment is to develop the data collection tools and data collection processes that will guide GFRA staff and the GFRA Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Specialist in collecting project data in order to report on 19 of the 22 GFRA indicators included in the USAID approved AMELP.

3.0 Scope of Work/Activities/Tasks

The Vendor MEL Consultant will:

• The MEL Consultant will review the GFRA AMELP and other GFRA project documents (scope of work, workplans etc) necessary to understand the USAID M&E requirements and to gain an understanding of GFRA’s technical approach.

• Develop data collection procedures for 19 of the AMELP Indicators, specifically Indicators 3-21.

o The development of data collection procedures will require consultation with GFRA technical staff to determine the interventions that they will be undertaking and how best to collect the data.

o The data collection procedures should outline when data will be collected, who will be responsible for providing the data, how it will be collected, and where it will be stored. If needed, the procedures should also outline how to ensure data quality and how to analyze the data.

• Present data collection procedures to GFRA technical staff and objective leads to ensure that the procedures developed are feasible and that staff can comply with them. Make adjustments to the data collection procedures based on the presentation and consultation with GFRA staff.

• Based on the data collection procedures, develop the data collection tools necessary for GFRA to collect and report data on Indicators 3-21.

The data collection tools used for this consultancy must using the tools available to the project and highlighted in the AMELP, for example Kobo Toolbox, excel spreadsheets, etc. If the tools described in the AMELP are insufficient for the data collection required by the indicators, then the consultant may propose additional tools for GFRA to consider.

Deliverables and Due Dates

Key Deliverables Deliverable Due Date
  • Draft data collection procedure document for Indicators 3-21
Jan 21, 2021
  • Final data collection procedure document for Indicators 3-21, including reviseions based on input from GFRA staff
Jan 31, 2021
  • Data collection tools for Indicators 3-21
Feb 15, 2022

How to Apply for the MEL Consultant

Kindly apply through with a cover letter and current curriculum vitae (CV) in reverse chronological order format.

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MEL Consultant at TetraTech

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