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Established in 2005, Fairtrade Africa is the independent non-profit umbrella organization representing all Fairtrade certified producers in Africa.

Fairtrade Africa is owned by its members, who are African producer organizations certified against international Fairtrade standards producing traditional export commodities such as coffee, cocoa, tea, cotton, bananas, mango, and non- traditional commodities including shea butter and rooibos tea.

Currently, the organization represents over 1.18 million smallholder farmers and workers across 28 countries in Africa.**


To mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Fairtrade producers’ health, well-being and economic sustainability, this project on RECOVER AFRICA: Fairtrade Emergency Initiative Fund, funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), is implemented by Fairtrade Africa (FTA) from September 2020 to April 2022.

The project aims to provide immediate relief to and support prevention of the further spread of the pandemic on at-risk producers in nine countries in Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Madagascar, Malawi and South Africa); as well as help producers recover from economic losses due to COVID-19, maintain and diversify their supply chain relations, and ensure business continuity, food security and income generation for their member -– thereby building producers’ resilience to future shocks and stresses.


FTA seeks to engage the services of a qualified language translation company based in Ghana to carry out the translation of radio scripts on RECOVER AFRICA Project in into three local languages in Ghana where there is a cluster of Fairtrade producers.

The radio scripts will be originally produced in English.

Translation of three (3) radio scripts in English into three (3) local languages in Ghana.

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FTA is looking for individual firm(s) with demonstrated experience in translating radio scripts with socially relevant content such as the COVID-19 pandemic, gender equality, women empowerment and youth engagement. In addition, the said should possess the following.
● An agency with at least five (5) years expertise in translation.
● Proven translation experience
The successful firm is expected to carry out the assignment for three months (October 2020 to December 2020) from the date of signing the contract.

Interested and qualified firm(s) should submit their applications, which should include the following:
● Firm profile;
● Professional fee daily rate structure/rate card;
● 2 References and samples of similar assignments conducted in the past
● A list of local languages translation capabilities in the country
The closing date for receiving the application is 7th October 2020.
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

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