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IWMI Consultant

International Water Management Institute (IWMI) seeks applications from suitable candidates to undertake a consultancy assignment under IWMI’s Research on Sustainable and Resilient Food Production Systems (SuRF).The consultant is expected to conduct research for development activities in Ghana using approaches that combine the technical understanding of water management and farming systems in a changing climate.The overall focus of the research in Ghana is to support farmers and farming communities to practice more productive, resilient, profitable and sustainably intensified production systems linked to markets.

Objective of the Assignment

Test, validate and promote water management technologies and practices to increase water productivity under irrigated conditions.

Duties and responsibilities

Conduct site-specific innovative water management solutions that can improve water use efficiencies and evaluate the technical and agronomic performance of solar-powered and Bhungroo-based small scale irrigation systems in northern Ghana.

This will involve the following responsibilities:

Conduct participatory action research with farmers and other stakeholders on improving irrigated agricultural production through better water management and agricultural practices.
Conduct field trials on dry season irrigated vegetable production using solar and Bhungroo technologies in different communities in Northern Ghana.
Lead and carry out field design, crop and water management, data collection and data analysis and reporting.
Carry out community engagement and outreaches in multiple locations in Ghana.
Develop a training manual for extension workers to be used with farmers in scaling successful innovations.
Prepare technical reports and technical briefs/guidelines and disseminate to targeted stakeholders.
Duration: 01 year

Your application must include a copy of your curriculum vitae, including details of previous experience, together with a cover letter and contact information of three professional referees who may be contacted, if you are shortlisted.

Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

A PhD in Agricultural Science, Irrigation Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Bio-Engineering, or related discipline
At least 2 years of postdoctoral work experience in the field of agricultural water management, irrigation or related field in developing countries.
A good understanding of the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum, approaches to sustainable agricultural production systems and on-farm irrigation methods, as well as principles of water productivity and interaction of irrigation with surrounding ecosystems.
Ability to design new approaches/tools/frameworks to close water related yield gaps in rainfed and irrigated agriculture;
Ability to independently design and conduct field research and the overall ability to work in data-scare environments by generating new database.
A good track record of relevant scientific publications and experience working on improving agricultural water management practices and productivity in the global south;
Experience in developing and implementing research with multiple partners and multiple disciplines from both advanced research institutes and local research organizations.
The drive to innovate and transform the way we think about water use in smallholder agricultural systems.
Experience of working in and familiarity with water management and agricultural development issues in Ghana and in West Africa Region.
Proven experience in the use of statistical software and MS office.
Excellent oral and written English language skills

Experience in working with private sector entities to design/apply/adapt/test latest technologies to support more efficient water use in agriculture for smallholder farming systems in developing countries.
Proven experience in developing smart ICT or other low-cost solutions in the field of agriculture and water management and in the use of IoT and machine learning algorithms in the same field.
Proven experience in writing and executing scripts in Python/R or other similar programming languages for larger spatial and non-spatial data assessments in the field of agricultural water management, irrigation advice, water productivity.

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