Grant to Expose and Counter the Increasing Manipulation of the Media and Information in Ghana and Nigeria

Temporary Greater Accra, West Africa International Republican Institute (IRI)
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State: Accra, Ghana
Country: Ghana
Deadline: 12/05/2021
Qualification: Degree
Work Experience: 4 Years
Career Level: Mid-level
Industry: NGO

Procurement Number: CENTER2021BRIDGE04o
Open Date: April 5, 2021
Questions Deadline: April 9, 2021
Closing Deadline: April 20, 2021
Geographical Area Restrictions: N/A
Point of Contact: Adam George:

Background: The International Republican Institute (IRI) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, organization dedicated to advancing freedom and democracy worldwide. Since 1983, IRI has worked to develop democratic institutions and ideals, carrying out a variety of international programs to promote freedom, self-government and the rule of law worldwide. IRI provides technical assistance in the areas of political party strengthening, developing civic institutions and open elections, promoting democratic governance and advancing the rule of law.

The project aims to equip journalists, civil society organizations, and other relevant stakeholders with the capacity to expose and counter the Chinese Communist Party’s increasing manipulation of the media and information spaces to advance China’s interests in African countries.

Statement of Work: IRI is seeking applicants for multiple subawards. Project proposals will vary depending on the local context and the nature of CCP influence in each specific country. However, the best proposals will lay out the challenge of malign influence relevant to specific country context and participant background, with a clear, measurable goal that will amplify issues surrounding malign authoritarian influence and work toward democratic resilience at the community or national level.

Applicants are encouraged to submit creative and innovative approaches to countering malign authoritarian influence in Nigeria and Ghana. Forthcoming concepts could amplify existing approaches or modify/re-design the approaches already being used by you or your organization. General guidelines for the thematic and content parameters of submitted concepts are below:

Actively work to identify/expose China’s authoritarian influence in Nigeria and Ghana.
Encourage transparency around deals with Chinese government-linked entities or their investment or funding of media or academic and cultural institutions
Emphasize the role of media advocacy as a means to counter authoritarian influence, including work with local and national media outlets
Support whole of community approaches to combatting the spread of malign influence
Increase the network of individuals in the targeted area who are aware and acknowledge that China’s authoritarian influence is an issue in their community
IRI has developed a scorecard to determine the scope of work for the awards and ensure that partners on the ground have the organizational capacity to fulfill the objectives of this activity and have a well-noted record of past performance to succeed in the execution of these activities.

Eligibility: Organizations and individuals are eligible for funding. Only application that adhere to the below statement of work, technical and cost applications will be eligible for funding.

Period of Performance: Date of signature to December 31, 2021

Technical Applications: All applications must include a comprehensive explanation of the methods to be used for implementation. Applications should also not exceed 10 pages in length inclusive of all components. Any proposals that exceed the page requirement will not be considered. Please use Times New Roman, 12-point font with 1.0 line spacing.

1. The first page of the application must show the following:

a. The name, address, DUNS Number (required) and telephone and facsimile numbers of the Applicant (and electronic address if available);
b. A statement specifying the extent of agreement with all terms, conditions, and provisions included in the solicitation and agreement to furnish any or all items for which prices are offered;
c. A statement concerning whether or not the applicant has received a Negotiated Indirect Rate Cost Agreement from the US Government, currently or in the past. If yes, please attach NICRA.
d. Names, titles, and telephone and facsimile numbers, and electronic addresses of persons authorized to negotiate on the Applicant’s behalf with IRI in connection with this RFA; and
e. Name, title, and signature of person authorized to sign the proposal. Applications signed by an agent shall be accompanied by evidence of that agent’s authority, unless that evidence has been previously furnished to the issuing office.
2. Applicants shall provide a list of at least five previously executed awards of a similar nature for the last three years along with the contact details for each funder. IRI may contact the funder as a reference check.

3. Applicants shall provide a list of at least five program beneficiaries for previously executed grants of a similar nature for the last three years along with the contact details for each. IRI may contact the individuals as a reference check.

4. Applicants shall provide third-party evaluations of past activities if available.

5. All applications must include background on the organization’s prior experience as it relates to the requested scope of work.

6. Resumes of all individuals who will be responsible for the programmatic and financial management of the award must be attached.

7. Describe current and past projects and funding sources and any potential impact current activities might have on this award.

8. Describe accounting practices and organizational infrastructure, as well as technology and intellectual property owned by the organization, which will be used to complete the scope of work.

9. Applicants shall provide audited financial statements and management letters for the last three years.

10. Applicants shall provide a copy of legal registration documents (for organizations) or one form of legal ID (individuals). An English translation should be attached if necessary.

11. Applicants shall provide a statement detailing revenue from the last three years.

12. If selected for award, the selected applicant shall provide a detailed allocation policy if funded by more than one source, other than the current subaward.

13. Using the attached checklist below, the applicant should indicate what information will be submitted for IRI’s review.

14. Proposals should include the following eight components:

Statement of purpose
Program goals and objectives
Activities description and timeline
Key personnel
Expected Outcomes
Project Oversight
Cost Applications: The budget should be submitted in two forms: (1) a detailed, cost category budget and (2) a milestone budget.

Cost Category budget: A detailed budget in US Dollars including the specific line item costs outlined here must be submitted to estimate project costs. Each application should also have a detailed explanation of why the budgeted amounts are necessary for completing the scope of work. The total amount budgeted for this project must not exceed $30,000 USD.

All one-time and recurring costs must be fully described in the budget. Rates should be quoted, inclusive of all but showing separately, costs of inspection, services, transportation, taxes, import duties if any and other levies

Submission Instructions: Quotes must be submitted via email to Adam George: with the subject line “CENTER2021BRIDGE04o RFA”.

About the Organization
IRI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to advancing freedom and democracy worldwide by helping political parties to become more issue-based and responsive, assisting citizens to participate in government planning, and working to increase the role of marginalized groups in the political process – including women and youth.

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