E-Learning Materials Development Consultant

  • Consultancy
  • Greater Accra
  • Applications have closed
  • Salary: $Not Stated
  • Consultancy
  • Greater Accra
  • Applications have closed
  • Salary: $Not Stated
State: Accra, Ghana
Country: Ghana
Deadline: 10/08/2021
Qualification: Masters Degree
Work Experience: 5 Years
Career Level: Consultant
Industry: International Development

E-Learning Materials Development Consultant Purpose

The purpose of the Oxfam E-Learning Materials Development Consultant assignment is to ensure that we have local content materials in the servers of the ideasbox.

The IT company to be selected should be able to produce model lessons and other e-learning resources based on Ghana Education

Service approved syllabuses for Junior High Schools.

These resources should cover a wide range of content that can be consulted by both teachers and students for their teaching,

learning and research purposes.

The IT company should be ready to give Oxfam in Ghana and the Project schools full user right to the content to enable them to

update the content any time they deem it fit.

The server that would be developed should have a wireless connection so students and teachers can access the content without

internet connection.

2.0: Added Value (E-Learning Materials Development Consultant)

The development of E-Learning content will help in getting materials based on approved syllabuses for Junior High Schools in

Ghana, which will help in achieving the project objectives of delivering quality learning outcomes for the girls.

3.0: E-Learning Materials Development Consultant Specific Objectives

The E-Learning content development is intended to help us achieve the following objectives:

To develop clear and concise module lessons in all subject areas based on GES approved syllabuses for Junior High Schools.

To develop a prototype of the server of the ideabox with wireless connections and upload with content for both students and

teachers to access for their teaching and learning purposes.

To have full user rights of the server, to enable Oxfam in Ghana and the Project Schools to update the content as and when the need arises.

4.0: Specific Task areas of the E-Learning Materials Development Consultant

Conduct a review of the Ghana Education Service approved syllabuses of all subjects for Junior High Schools

Develop E-learning content based on the syllabuses and other relevant content for JHSs.

Upload content on a wireless server for easy accessibility.

Share content of your server with the other servers in the schools

5.0: Deliverables of the E-Learning Materials Development Consultant

A wireless server uploaded with content based on the GES approved syllabuses and other relevant content for teachers and students.

A list of key references for learners, to be incorporated into the module.

A detailed bibliography of materials for course development

Folder with all photos and videos used in the e-learning module.

User right to all content materials and servers

The completed work including all attachments should be submitted to Oxfam within two months after signing of the contract.
The Role
The e-learning content developer will be an independent and professional IT company, that has demonstrable experience and

achievements of developing high profile module lessons for both national and international consumption.

The consultant should have experience in developing high-quality lessons based on the approved syllabuses for the Junior High

Schools in Ghana and have an interest in the promotion of child-centred and gender-sensitive pedagogies.

They should have the zeal of promoting quality education, especially among girls in Ghana.

The IT company should be able to work with the Ghana Education Service (GES) or Colleges of Education at the regional or district

level to identify qualified professional teachers who will be able to deliver the lessons to meet the required standard.

These identified teachers should have a track record of developing module lessons in their various subject areas.

E-Learning Materials Development Consultant Required Skills or Experience

Oxfam in Ghana is looking for a reputable and highly professional IT company for consultancy, to develop high-quality E-Learning

content for Junior High Schools in the country.

The IT company should be able to work with Ghana Education Service (GES) or the Colleges of Education and subject experts at

the regional and district level. The required candidates from GES or Colleges of Education must have expert in all subject areas for Junior High Schools.

The consultant should have the following skills and competencies:

The successful applicant must have a minimum of 10 years of experience in the field of developing e-learning content for both local

and international consumption

Must have a demonstrated experience in developing e- learning content for basic Schools in Ghana, especially based on the

syllabuses for Junior High Schools in the country.

Familiarity with different methodologies for producing different lessons, and the additional factors including the use of gender-sensitive pedagogies.

Must have a demonstrable working experience with CSOs, NGOs and INGOs in the field of education especially in rural communities of Ghana.

Excellent writing and verbal communication skills in English.

Excellent organizational and facilitation skills.

How To Apply for the E-Learning Materials Development Consultant


We will use open tendering to invite bids from individual consultants who have the experience and skills described above.

Expression of interest should include:

A cover letter introducing the consultant and how the skills and competencies described above are met, with concrete examples.

A 2-page outline of the proposed strategy development and writing process including:

Proposed outline of the methodology

The CVs of all subject experts who will be involved in the production of the module lessons including that of the lead consultant.

A 1-page budget covering proposed fees and all major costs.


About Oxfam

Oxfam is a rights-based global development organization with more than 70 years of experience in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Oxfam’s mission is to end the injustice of poverty and inequality through systemic change and the advancement of political, economic and social rights.

Oxfam has been working in Ghana since 1986, managing programs related to food security and livelihoods, universal access to

education and healthcare and transparency and accountability in extractive industries (mining, oil and gas).

Oxfam’s experience in Ghana and strong partnerships with government institutions, Ghanaian civil society organizations and NGOs

support the delivery of active and innovative programs and advocacy work seeking to improve the livelihoods of Ghanaians and strengthen citizen accountability.

Oxfam in Ghana currently works in 11 out of Ghana’s 16 administrative regions.

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