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Sunyani Technical University

Director of Internal Audit

The Sunyani Technical University was converted from a Polytechnic to a Technical University by an Act of Parliament establishing Technical Universities in Ghana
The University is mandated by the Technical Universities Act. 2016 (Act 922) to provide Higher Education in Engineering, Science and Technology-based disciplines, Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Applied Arts and related disciplines. The institution is a leading Technical University that offers high-quality career-oriented programs for national development.

The Position/Job Description

The Internal Auditor shall be:

• Responsible for the internal audit of the accounts and financial transactions of the University.
• Required to report to the Governing Council through the Audit Committee.
• Responsible for the establishment and operation of an efficient and effective financial control system.
• Responsible for vetting all proposed expenditures to ensure compliance with the laid-down internal control system and other statutory requirements
• Responsible for conducting a periodic examination of the accounts of the University, including all units with limited financial and operational autonomy.
• Required to monitor and ensure that all expenditures incurred have been authorized and are within budgetary provisions.
• Responsible for conducting periodic management audit and submit reports to the Vice-Chancellor and the Governing Council of the University.
• Responsible for liaising with ExtematAuditors and ensure that appropriate action is taken on reported audit findings.
• Required-to submit periodic audit reports on the activities of all units of the University to the Council through the Vice-Chancellor
• Responsible for ensuring that the University complies with the Internal Audit Agency Act, 2003 (Act 565) and all other relevant statutory regulations.
• Required to perform any other functions that the Vice-Chancellor and the Governing Council assign from time to time

Terms of Appointments:

• The terms and conditions of the appointment shall be determined by the Governing Council of the University consistent with the Technical Universities, Act 2016 (Act 922) as amended and Statutes of Sunyani Technical University.
• The salary and conditions of service attached to this position are very attractive and are comparable with those in analogous universities in Ghana.

Qualification Required & Experience

He/she must:

• Bea Chartered Accountant and hold a minimum of a Masters’ degree in the relevant field.
• I have served as a Deputy Internal Auditor in a University or comparable grade in a similar institution/organization for at least six (6) years.
• Be computer literate and be conversant with accounting/auditing software applications.

In addition, the applicant must:

• Be analytical, critical, result-oriented, innovative and visionary;
• Possess hands-on ability to work independently;
• Be a good team player;
• Be able to work under pressure to meet deadlines;
• Possess proactive commercial flair;
• Be of good character and demonstrate personal integrity;
• Be a servant leader and be able to plan, organise, implement and administratively manage all activities related to the Internal Audit Directorate;
• Be able to provide sound advice to the Vice-Chancellor and the Governing Council on compliance with laid-down internal control systems and any statutory requirements;
• Have extensive knowledge of the university’s financial policies, procedures, controls and processes and best auditing and finance practices;
• Have experience with university accounting, finance and auditing software and records management in a manner that is consistent with the University’s mission and objectives;
• Be able to exhibit the highest professional and ethical standards in the oversight of the university’s accounting records and financial transactions;
• Possess excellent relational communications and administrative skills in the supervision of staff in the Internal Audit Directorate;
• Be able to align the objectives of the Internal Audit Directorate with the mission and vision of the University and develop an implementation strategy to achieve same;
• Have excellent interpersonal and organisational skills and commitment to outstanding university internal or external audit management;
• Have extensive experience in compliance with finance, accounting and audit regulations preferably in a university environment;
• Be able to work with and influence others to achieve operational requirements in the directorate; and
• Be able to provide clear practical and accurate advice to staff at all revels in the Internal Audit Directorate on financial and auditing procedures and requirements.

Location: Sunyani

How To Apply For The Job

Candidates are to submit six (6) copies each of their application letter attached to their Curriculum Vitae. including names and addresses of three (3) referees.

Applicants are to include a short statement of not more than four (4) pages (Times New Roman size 12 and 1.5 line spacing) outlining their vision and strategies for implementation.

Applications mustbe hand-delivered in a sealed envelope to the Registry of the University and signed for or submitted using a registered postal mail to reach the following addressees, as may be applicable :

The Chairman
Search Committee for Director of Internal Audit
C/o Office of the Registrar
Sunyani Technical University
P.O. Box 206

Closing Date: 20 December 2019


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