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Website World Cocoa Foundation

Established in 2000, the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) is the world’s leading organization for
cocoa sustainability.

The long-term goals of WCF are set out in our new strategy:

• Prosperous cocoa farmers become truly sustainable and profitable, with
transformation of traditional smallholder farming into modern business that deliver
sustainable livelihoods for farmers and their families;
• Empowered cocoa-growing communities lead their own development, human
rights are protected, and safety and wellbeing of children and families are strengthened;
• A healthy planet is conserved and enhanced, with resilient and biodiverse landscapes
in cocoa geographies, and the carbon footprint of the sector is reduced.

WCF works in six areas:

1. Convene cocoa and chocolate industry in collective action – to build an aligned,
motivated, and knowledgeable membership engaged in collective action;

2. Facilitate multi-stakeholder partnerships – to engage and leverage the
knowledge, financing, skills, and power of different stakeholders to jointly identify and
solve key sustainability challenges in the cocoa sector;

3. Facilitate industry engagement in policy dialogue with government – to
identify and address key barriers in the enabling business and policy environment in
cocoa producing countries;

4. Promote industry learning, knowledge sharing, and monitoring and
evaluation – in order to identify industry-wide lessons learned and good practices to
accelerate science, innovation and impact within companies and across the sector, and
strengthen transparency and accountability of industry results and performance;

5. Help mobilize resources from development partners and financial and
capital market institutions – to leverage the additional financing that industry will
require to successfully implement collective action initiatives; and

6. Communicate industry investment and impact and manage reputational
risks – to showcase industry’s sustainability efforts and results while identifying and
proactively managing risks, particularly related to human rights and environment.

WCF is a membership organization open to private sector companies engaged in all aspects of
the cocoa supply chain. WCF is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with offices in Ghana and
Cote d’Ivoire.

Consultancy Summary:

In November 2017, the governments of Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana and
leading cocoa and chocolate companies signed the joint Cocoa and Forest Initiative (CFI)
Frameworks for Action (Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana) outlining key commitments and actions to eliminate deforestation
from the cocoa sector and restore degraded forests both countries.
the Frameworks, companies commit to 1) eliminating cocoa sourcing from national parks and
other protected areas (e.g. forest and wildlife reserves), and 2) ensuring there will be no further
conversion of any forest land for cocoa production.

As part of their commitments, companies have agreed to apply deforestation risk in their sourcing
areas. In order to support companies to achieve these commitments, WCF aims to develop a
harmonized deforestation risk assessment (DRA) methodology that will enable CFI companies to
readily assess deforestation risk in their current and potential future sourcing areas on an annual

WCF seeks an experienced consultancy firm to assist our Environment team in developing an
aligned methodology for carrying out DRA in the cocoa sector in line with the CFI
priorities. The methodology should be based on industry best practice, drawing on existing DRA
conducted by companies, and leverage successful DRA example in other deforestation-risk

The methodology must be developed in a way that is commonly applicable by all
companies in their spatial analysis platform and will achieve company buy-in from companies.
The methodology will be developed through extensive consultation with WCF, companies and
technical experts.

The consultancy firm will organize and lead consultation sessions with WCF, CFI companies and
relevant stakeholders to develop and agree on a common DRA methodology. The consultancy firm
is expected to deliver the methodology to be approved by WCF by December 15, 2020. Given
the short timeframe and intensive process, the budget for the effort should not exceed $65,000

Qualifying Criteria:

• Minimum 10 years’ experience in agriculture, environmental conservation, deforestation
• Extensive knowledge and understanding of deforestation risk assessment approaches, in
particular as they relate to the cocoa sector;
• Extensive knowledge in commodity related deforestation monitoring;
• Extensive experience in cocoa sustainability and associate CFI company activities;
• Extensive experience in effectively engaging stakeholders on technical subject;
• Demonstrated experience working with multiple cocoa and chocolate companies on the
assessment of deforestation risk;
• Demonstrated ability to deliver on time under tight deadlines;
• Excellent written and spoken English.

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To apply for this job please visit

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