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The Organization

Our client is a financial services institution with the objective of increasing access to finance for Ghanaian enterprises, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Our client also provides wholesale financing/lines of credit and partial credit guarantees to eligible financial institutions.

Chief Executive Officer

Job Purpose

The role of the Chief Executive Officer is to lead the development of a sound business strategy and operations plan for the Board’s approval. The CEO would provide effective management of staff to implement the Board-approved Business Plan and to meet its objectives and targets. The successful candidate would ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements and foster a work environment that promotes professionalism. The CEO is also to maintain effective relations with key stakeholders and ensure financial viability the Bank.

Roles and Responsibilities

Strategy and Policy Formulation:

Lead the development and execution of the Bank’s business plans in order to attain the goals of Board-approved strategies
Establish strategic business direction and communicates it effectively to the Board and the executive management team for implementation
Prepare and implement comprehensive business plans to facilitate achievement of set goals through cost-effective operations and market development activities
Oversee development and/or compliance with policies that promote Bank’s mandate, vision, strategy, culture, and mission and effectively communicate same to all employees
Develop and direct the implementation of the Bank’s strategic investment plans and programmes
Champion the development and implementation of strategies to enable the bank to play a strong and recognizable role in supporting Ghana’s economic transformation while remaining financially viable at all times

Board / Stakeholder Engagement:

Execute the instructions of the Board and ensure that Board decisions are properly communicated to the executive management, staff and all stakeholders
Report the financial and administrative status of the bank to the Board at agreed periods and in line with leading Corporate Governance practices
Support the Board to identify trends that provide the basis for vision and future services
Work effectively with the Board to aid its governance functions and facilitate optimum performance by the Board, its Committees and individual Board members
Ensure a deep institutional understanding of the Ghanaian economy, its growth and employment potential through rigorous research.
Develop and maintain strong and positive relationships with the banking community, stakeholders and regulators
Assure the reporting of financial and strategic plan progress to the Board and other key stakeholders

General Management:

Provide general oversight for operations, and ensure a smooth functioning and efficient organisation
Ensure the implementation of strong service standards, excellent customer service and the correction of any negative perception of services
Ensure cohesion within the Bank, especially by maintaining a good social climate and a conducive working atmosphere (free of discrimination or harassment)
Enhance and implement process improvement initiatives in order to maximise overall efficiency and productivity
Institute an operating framework and action plans with defined objectives, targets and responsibility to support the achievement of Bank’s strategies
Direct the development and adoption of procedures and control to ensure business risks are always monitored adequately mitigated
Promote communication and adequate information flow to ensure effective management control of the Bank
Ensure that all activities and operations are performed in compliance with legal and professional standards and laws governing business operations

Financial Management:

Lead the identification of new business opportunities in order to diversify the bank’s sources of revenue
Lead the identification of new investors or in raising long-term finance in Ghana and abroad
Recommend yearly budget for Board approval and ensures the prudent management of resources within these budget guidelines
Oversee Bank’s financial performance, investments and other business ventures
Ensure financial viability and transparency, disclosure, and auditing

People Management:

Ensure that competent people are in critical roles in the Bank, and establishes a process for continuous people development to ensure adequate supply of the right talents to meet operational requirements
Develop and implements appropriate rewards/recognition and coaching/corrective practices to align personnel with organisational goals
Provide for adequate management successions by liaising and mentoring business executives within each divisions and departments.

Education and Experience Required:

Minimum of 18 years’ experience in the Development Finance or Financial Services sector, with at least 12 years’ experience in an Executive Management role
A degree in Economics, Finance, Business (e.g. MBA), Accounting, Law, or Engineering
Relevant professional certifications & membership professional associations in Ghana or abroad will be an added advantage
Experience in Development Finance or Banking sector within Africa is an advantage
Evidence of strong industry/sector participation, leadership and goal achievement
Exposure in managing financial services or development finance institutions with proven compliance with regulatory requirements

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