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State: Accra, Ghana
Country: Ghana
Deadline: 06/05/2021
Qualification: Degree
Work Experience: 3 Years
Career Level: Mid-level
Industry: Commerce

Spurt! was founded with the central mission of contributing to the sustainable and equitable growth and development of Africa by growing small African businesses into regional giants.
People are at the core of this strategy, which has two-pronged approach:
The provision of access to a network of exceptional African professionals with experience that will be valuable for helping small companies grow. This is called the Spurt! Consultant Pool (S!CP).
A training and development program that creates a pipeline of professional, analytical and valuable junior staff (analysts) to support the sustainable growth of MSMEs. This is called the Spurt! People Pipeline (S!PP)
The former speaks to the specific service lines we provide, while the latter shows our commitment to ensuring that the growth our work brings about, remains sustainable through the trained junior staff that will continue to add value to the organisation, long after the projects are completed.
The Need
Spurt! is growing! This means that there are several processes that need to be put in place, documentation that needs to be created, partnerships that need to be made, and a community with which we need to begin engaging. The ideal person to contribute to this process will be nimble, flexible, present, committed to the core mission, have a strong sense of responsibility and ownership as well as being very ready, from day one, to contribute in a meaningful way.
Specifically, the role is split into three (3) major parts:
1. Research & Document Preparation – Analysis and Writing to support engagements
This will include on-going research for client engagements, potential partnership opportunities as well as information on these potential partners and the development of internal Spurt! products. Document preparation is an important part of the final research output, and will include ad hoc document preparations for client work e.g. proposals, for example
2. Strategic Communications – Social Media, Proposals etc
This will include developing strategies for consistent and effective social media communications as a means of marketing, community engagement, lead generation, and the execution of those strategies. It will also include the development of key documentation that will be used in client and partner engagement and communications. You should be willing to become better at PowerPoint, comfortable with Canva, and other easy tools and resources that help with easy graphic design.
3. Partnerships – Development and Management
A key strategy for Spurt! is developing critical partnerships that connect us to clients and consultants to strengthen the consultant pool mentioned above. So, this aspect of the role includes the development and management of those partnerships. This means sourcing the partnerships (which will be part of the research output) and managing in the conversations and relationships with these partners as well as prepping the team for any potential partner meetings.
The role will certainly evolve as things move along, hence the need to be flexible and up for that particular aspect of the challenge. Aside from the aforementioned, another important thing is your willingness to stretch yourself. No one has it all figured out, so you have to be curious, and wanting to grow in a way that others can benefit with you.
We are looking for a skilled Business Consultant who will provide guidance to our customers on reforming their operations and supporting their business, in order to contribute to the clients’ long lasting success so that our reputation can expand along with our clientele. You will also undertake projects on behalf of the client’s business when it lacks resources or motive to perform them in-house.

You should have a broad knowledge of many facets of business and market forces. Besides , you have to possess great problem-solving skills to provide solutions and recommendations that will increase profitability and efficiency.

Business Consultant responsibilities are:
Review assigned business projects and perform operations on behalf of clients and according to their requirements, such as recruiting, payroll, promotional campaigns and so on

Perform investigation and analysis of clients’ data to detect weaknesses and problems, and comprehend the causes

Work together with customers as assigned and perform an initial assessment of a problematic situation

Retrieve and analyze data of a client’s business through a variety of methods (shadowing, interviews, surveys, reading reports etc.)

Develop recommendations and solutions with attention to a client’s wishes, capabilities and limitations forming concise reports

Present findings and suggestions to clients with ample justification and practical advice

Create detailed business plans to drive small or radical changes

Support customers in implementing optimization plans and resolving any occasional discrepancies

Consult customers for any occurring problems and issues

Business Consultant requirements are:
Experience of working on a Business Consultant or other relevant position

Profound experience of working in diverse business niches such as IT, Marketing, HR etc.

Good practical experience with a wide selection of business management software (including CRM and ERP), databases and MS Office

Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Analytical mind with excellent data collection and analysis skills and creative approach to problem-solving

BSc or BA degree in business administration or other relevant area; MSc or MA degree in a specialized business field will be bonus, as well as the Management Consultant certification

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