Job Search for Me – 1 Job




This job search for me service allows Sobiaonline to handle your job application for 1 job opening. This is not a recruitment service. Shortlisting and recruitment is not done by Sobiaonline and we do not guarantee your call to interview or recruitment.

Additional information

One job monthly subscription

This service supports only one job monthly subscription. Note that courier and print charges may apply if you opt for delivery or job application offline

Offline Services

For offline job application services express courier charges may apply. Call or WhatsApp 233242782389

Application documents supporrted

This service supports the following application documents: CVs, resumes, cover letters

Additional Information

We are available 24/7 to address your concerns. For any support you need, simply email us: or call: 233 245692357. Currently we accept payments via Paypal, MTN merchant account number, and our Corporate Bank Account (Bank of Africa, Abossey Okai Branch). Courier and Print Charges may apply for delivery and offline services.