Inclusive Digital Commerce

The Catalyst Fund Inclusive Digital Commerce Accelerator supports digital commerce companies who are building solutions designed to improve the livelihoods and financial resilience of micro and small enterprises (MSEs).

Partners + supporters

The Catalyst Fund Inclusive Digital Commerce Accelerator is managed by BFA Global. It is supported by Mastercard Foundation, and executed in partnership with MEST in Ghana.

About the program

In Ghana, existing digital commerce solutions tend to exclude informal micro and small enterprises (MSEs), who have been hardest hit by the impact of the COVID-19 economic crisis. As a result, they are unable to leverage digital commerce opportunities to fuel their growth and secure their incomes. The Catalyst Fund Inclusive Digital Commerce Accelerator will scale innovative companies that can enable informal MSEs in Ghana to reap the benefits of digital commerce solutions, with a goal of spurring the development of the wider ecosystem.

Investment Advisory Committee

Companies selected for the Inclusive Digital Commerce Accelerator are identified via quantitative and qualitative sourcing research, to determine existing ecosystem gaps and challenges faced by MSEs. Companies are then vetted by an Investment Advisory Committee composed of experienced emerging markets investors and experts in the digital commerce space in the Ghanaian and wider African market.

Focus region

Ghana is making progress in creating favorable conditions for a thriving digital economy, including a new digital financial services (DFS) policy to facilitate access and usage of DFS. However, existing digital commerce solutions exclude informal MSEs due to a lack of: effective digital onboarding mechanisms, MSE financing and interoperability across digital commerce systems.


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