Ghanaian Women’s Social Leadership Program Receiving Applications

Technician Engineers (10 Positions)

New York University’s Robert F Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and Fundacion Mujeres for Africa are right now welcoming mid-vocation ladies from common society associations in Ghana for its 2019 Ghanaian Women’s Social Leadership Program (GWSLP).

The program offers a one-year, associate based initiative improvement program for ladies in mid-level positions in Ghanaian common society associations. Through the program’s authority improvement, individualized training, and systems administration openings, GWSLP members build up the aptitudes and bolster expected to lead transformational change in their networks and society on the loose.


The GWSLP program offers:

Fourteen day long concentrated authority establishments, one in Ghana and one in New York City encouraged by experienced administration advancement scholastics and professionals;

Hands-on, intelligent workshops, and site visits that offer open doors for reflection, peer learning, group constructing, and organizing;

Chance to structure and execute an Action Learning Plan to handle a basic network or hierarchical need;

Master training through the term of the program and amid the execution of the Action Learning Project;and,

Chance to join a system of dynamic ladies pioneers in Ghanaian common society who are adding to reinforce administration and social area associations in Ghana.

Qualification Criteria

Be 25 – 36 years of age.

Be a mid-vocation lady with at least 4 years of work involvement in government or common society. Involvement in different fields, for example, the scholarly world, business or news coverage is likewise acknowledged, as long as they are identified with open and social issues, specific to ladies’ strengthening.

Perfect candidates are program facilitators, administrators or chiefs in common society associations or are columnists composing and supporting for ladies’ issues.

Be an occupant of Accra or the region regions at the season of use.

Hold a Bachelor’s qualification or comparable.

Be right now utilized and should be resolved to work in a similar association the year they take an interest in the GWSLP.

Resolve to partake in all GWSLP exercises, and effectively plan and complete an Action Learning venture toward the finish of the program.

Have the help of the business and association before finishing the application.

Present an Employer Endorsement Letter together with the application. The letter ought to show manager’s support to take an interest in the program as depicted above, in connection to the association vision and mission.

Choice Criteria

Displayed authority: Capability for administration at work and network; her capacity to step up, rouse and work with others; and enthusiasm for building up her initiative and having any kind of effect in her general public.

Intrigue and promise to social change: Interest in issues of open significance or social change work, the showed consciousness of social substances in her nation, and the longing to add to social changFee.

Self-starter:Engagement in activities essential to her, to pass judgment on her ability to apply program exercises in her association

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