Managing Stress at Work
Work-related stress and Managing Stress at Work is a significant issue globally, affecting various workplaces and causing negative impacts such as physical and psycho-social problems and low productivity. Efforts are being made to improve working conditions and coping mechanisms for stressful situations. The International Labour Organization (ILO) has identified practical checkpoints to study and reduce20
Best Practices for Employers and Workers in Ghana
Rising industrial disputes in Ghana concern social partners and policymakers, impacting productivity, business expansion, and job creation. A survey by the Ghana Employers’ Association (GEA) confirms this. To minimize such disputes, social partners need to understand Ghana’s labour market regulations and the Best Practices for Employers and Workers. The GEA created a practical tool for20
List of remote friendly companies
The attached PDF document is a comprehensive guide for job seekers looking to work remotely and seeking out remote friendly companies. It contains a carefully curated list of remote-friendly companies from around the world. With it, you could further access their sites to discover their remote work policies, benefits, and company culture. This document serves20
Labor Act of Ghana
The Labor Act of Ghana is a legal framework that governs the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees in Ghana. It outlines the terms and conditions of employment, including working hours, leave entitlements, health and safety standards, and dispute resolution mechanisms. The Act also provides for the establishment of the National Labor Commission, which20


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