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Helping candidates to find their ideal jobs does not have to be complicated.

We believe that your next offer as a candidate should match the  dynamism, inspiration and excitement you deserve. At Sobiaonline, we recognize what you have to offer and what you want and we will assist you every step of the way from job identification to settling-down and out-performing.


Get a dedicated job search consultant who will be with you every step of your search


Every job search project we handle is context specific. We will work closely with you to mix and match the right opportunities that will align with your career interest


We are not a recruitment company and we will never pretend to be one. We leverage openness and virtual engagements in our employment search services.


The job market is very small. You do not want people to know that you are searching! 'We get it and we will never forget it'. What ever happen in your job search should remain within your job search


We will serve as your ultimate job search companion. We are there to listen and act with the highest level of professionalism, tact and diplomacy.

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Market yourself in front of hiring managers in Ghana. Your name and contact details will not be displayed in our candidate listings. We will seek your consent before your details are forwarded to any employer

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