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Our services include CV writing, Job Search for Me, LinkedIn Profile Writing, Job Advertisement, Career Advice, and Technical Writing. We provide employment search support by helping job seekers to tell stories recruiters would want to hear. If you want to improve your professional branding, Get more interview calls to land your dream job, then, our services are for you.


A CV as you might be already aware of is the basic tool you use for your job applications, salary negotiations, and related stuff. Our principal activity is Designing CVs. However, we noticed over the years the importance of online presence in getting a job. Our data sources revealed that clients who have well written CVs complemented with a good online profile have a higher call to interview rates and more job landing prospects. The LinkedIn service, therefore, is an extension of the CV upgrade service. What about the job search for me? Just as the name suggests, Sobiaonline steps in and takes charge of all your job search and application needs in a comprehensive manner. The service is especially suitable for Senior Executives who find it difficult to search for jobs whilst concentrating on their career. For entry-level graduates, it is a good opportunity for learning best job search practices whilst landing as many interviews as possible. It is also good for mid-career professionals seeking to switch careers or climb-up to Executive level positions.


For our CV services, it takes just 72 hours. For our LinkedIn Services, it takes 7 days. The job Search for me service takes a minimum of one month. For our job postings, our system is automated for you to manage your employer account. Once you open an employer account (free) you can start posting jobs, browse candidates profiles and shortlisting straight away.. The variation in services pricing is determined by the nature of the service and not just the service type. For instance, when it comes to CV upgrade, you would have to select your package based on your experience level. The job search for me comes in three packages for one, two and three job applications but the service rendered is the same. The difference in pricing for the job search for me is thus informed by the number of jobs involved.


For all our services, you would have to place an order and then make payment either through paypal, credit card, mobile money or direct bank payment. All our payment details are provided in the checkout pages and it is completely safe.

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