Entry Level CV Upgrade Service


We understand how you feel when you have little or no work experience because we have been there! This service is specially designed with much patience to assist new job seekers entering the labor market. We understand the nature of the disruption brought by COVID-19 and we are here to assist you launch your career gracefully. This service is packed with career advice to help job seekers learn and adapt to the constantly changing job market today. Whether you are still in school or you are just finishing your National Service, this service will help you des-tool and re-tool your job search to help you get your dream job with little or no work experience.


This CV Design service is for professionals who are within the experience cohort of 0 to 2 years. We will hold a thorough job needs assessment with you through series of telephonic sessions  until your CV is finalized within 72 hours. Receive your editable CV copies in word and PDF in addition to free online profiling services. Your final output will be responsive to both mobile and desk top viewing, optimized to beat modern day ATS bots, minimally designed, grammar checked, and plagiarism proofed.