Digital Innovations for Agribusinesses in Africa – 2SCALE Digital innovation challenge

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Digital Innovations for Agribusinesses in Africa – 2SCALE Digital innovation challenge

Digital technologies such as hyperlocal weather forecasting, mobile finance, supply chain management, and traceability solutions are increasingly transforming agri-food value chains in Africa.

They enable farmers and other actors to produce more, better and safer food while preserving natural resources and biodiversity.

2SCALE, one of Africa’s largest agribusiness incubators and accelerators, invites entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs with digital innovations to apply to our innovation challenge.

Together, 2SCALE will scale your innovation in our agribusiness partnerships

2SCALE is  looking for digital innovations for agribusinesses


It is important that your innovation promotes food and nutrition security, climate-smart (eco-efficient) agriculture, as well as the inclusion of women and youth as farmers, and entrepreneurs
The 2SCALE Digital innovation challenge in Africa is a unique opportunity to implement your digital innovation at scale

Being one of the largest agribusiness incubators in Africa, 2SCALE seeks to unlock significant scaling opportunities for you.
In our 60 partnerships 2SCALE has successfully engaged with 750,000 farmers across eight countries.

What’s in it for you the Applicant?

This is an innovation challenge like no other.

2SCALE is not promising a large sum of money for a few lucky winners.

You are offered a rare chance to unlock significant scaling opportunities in their agribusiness partnerships.

  • Scaling opportunities: Innovation Challenge unlock scaling opportunities in one (or more) of the 60 2SCALE partnerships and their 750,000 farmers across eight countries.
  • Technical support: 2SCALE innovation Challenge provides access to a network of inclusive business and innovation experts for technical support and brokering efforts necessary for the scaling of applicants’ innovation.
  • Impact research: If needed, they bring in a research team to get insights into the impact of applicants’ innovation in their partnerships as to share learnings and provide recommendations for improvement.

Areas of Focus

2SCALE innovation challenge is looking for digital innovations that fit one or more of the focus areas below. Their particular interest goes out to innovations that have an impact on multiple focus areas or across the smallholder value chain.

  • Sustainable farming practices
  • Climate resilience
  • Financial inclusion
  • Post-harvest waste reduction
  • Resource-efficient processing
  • Value chain integration

Eligibility Criteria

  • Any entrepreneur or organization with a digital innovation, ready to scale in the 2SCALE countries Kenya, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Niger with own financial means.
  • Applicants bring much of the budget required to finance the implementation of their innovation in 2SCALE(2SCALE innovation are not a grant provider but might compensate reasonable startup costs to offset risks of entering a new geography or adapting their innovation for the 2SCALE partnerships

Apply by Downloading an Application Form Here


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