Our CV Upgrade Services

Our CV Upgrade Services


Jobs in Ghana

Sobiaonline is an Employment Search Agency in Accra, Ghana.  We will help you repackage your brand and tell a good story recruiters want to hear. Our CVs “pop”, Our search strategy ” works” and our LinkedIn profiles gets you “noticed”. We make sure your CV is clear, concise, and detailed with the right lay out. Whether you are an experienced Executive or Fresh Grad. we can help you to identify your strengths and get the job you want.

Achieve your Objectives in 4 steps

Sobiaonline employment search services is very  quick and convenient way of getting your next job without much hassle. All you have to do is:


  • Order the service and submit an editable version of your CV.
  • We will give you a phone call to schedule the timelines
  • Collaborate with your CV Writer
  • We will work with you to deliver your project based on schedule

What Others Say

“I have made the best investment in my career. Sobiaonline helped me with a CV Upgrade that has fetched me a lot of interviews! I was experienced but did not actually know how to manage my extensive experience on a paper. After the initial interviews failed to land me a job their continued guidance has helped me to secure a full-time job now”
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