Effective ways of dealing with references in your job search in Ghana

Referees and References will always be needed to vouch for you whether you are searching for a job, furthering your education, growing your business and related career issues. In all these scenarios the recommendations that you receive from your referees can significantly influence your career success. In this post, we are going to focus on how you can handle referees and references in your job search and as well, how to present references in your CV in the best possible way.

7 Smart Tips on How to apply for a UN Job in Ghana 2022

We have decided to write this post in response to job seekers request for advice on how to apply for UN jobs the right way on daily basis. We have provided some suggestions for you to get started with. Meanwhile you can access all official UN related career information via this link. All legitimate job openings of the United Nations are published at the United Nations Job Application portal.

Job boards in Ghana:

In this article we wish to bring to your notice some of the cool features you can benefit from Sobiaonline to improve your job search in Ghana. by using our job board and related services on https://sobiaonline.com. To benefit fully from our services, we advice you to open a free account here.

How to write a Cover Letter in Ghana 2022

A cover letter is a one page document which is forwarded with your resume when you are applying for a job. A Cover letter is also called motivation letter, statement of motivation, or letter of introduction. The purpose of a cover letter is to provide a snapshot of your professional life and lure the reader to take a look at your CV.

How to identify what recruiters want from you

Whether you're looking for a graduate position, or planning on going straight into work, employer surveys continue to emphasise the need to have good key skills, transferable skills, the ability to network, and above all, the right attitude. Identifying your skills can really help you focus on which jobs might be good for you.

CV Writing and Cover Letters Tips for the 2022 Job Seeker in Ghana

Whether you’re applying for a job, a scholarship or to get into your dream university course, writing a covering letter and CV is a real art. Read on to discover useful tips on writing CV & cover letters for all situations. Read on to find some useful tips that are applicable to CV and Letter Writing for all situations - Job Application, University Applications and Scholarship Applications.